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221 g yellow slip - need an online portal to check status

1) 221g administrative processing in my opinion is very ridiculous process

2) There are no timelines and there is no way to check the processing time. I have researched all over the net and the responses from various people in similar situation are caught up in this black hole for an unpredictable amount of time.

3)There is no clarity on why they are putting on us on hold

4)Why do they approve H1B in the first place ( for 6000$ ??? ) . they could have rejected in the first place.

5)My fiance went to India for his moms surgery and is stuck now. His client is reputed and it is still a problem. Its a consulting firm not owned by Indians.. and it is still a problem.

6) Not allowing the people to enter back to US is ridiculous. They have a life there and belongings. what kind of law is this ...

7) If there are no timeline how do they expect the employer to hold on to the employee who got into this issue . If they issue the visa after few months what good will it do ?

8) How is it OK to work with same H1B in US and but this is turns out be an issue when you travel out . How long do you think we can stay without seeing families.


I wish congressmen or somebody higher up there will put some pressure on USCIS to put and end to this ridiculous process.. because among the 1000 cases one could be a threat, granted....but the other 999 get stuck even though they are innocent.



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