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221G Admin Processing Woes :-( . Process needs a OVERHAUL

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I have gone through the harrowing experience while going to re validate my H1B visa around Mid August . All of my documentations were perfect. Although when I went to the counter the officer was ready with the pink slip right at the start of my interview and after scrutinizing my documents gave me 221g and asked me to visit the other counter where i was asked more questions on my past experience and whether I travelled to some other countries. I was kind of curious why I was issued the pink slip while all of my documentation and application seemed in good order. On researching further I realized that there are some additional checks they perform before stamping the visa like "Name Check against various databases". Am still eagerly waiting till Administrative Processing completes. Each day of waiting feels like a Year passed and with lots of hope when we check the status online it doesnt seem to budge feel like the status is STATIC. Unfortunately our lives are at stake . We have rents ,utility bill and our jobs in limbo. This is unfair. I believe there should be a reasonable SLA atleast 2 weeks not more than that. Efficiency in processing needs to improve . If required they should hire more resources but not play around with our life and career which would also be detrimental to the companies we work for whose operations also get effected tremendously. We are being penalized and subject to such unfair treatment/mental/financial stress for nothing. We do appreciate the procedure but not the inordinate delay involved in the procedure and high time someone takes due regard of our plea and addresses our concern and fixes the bottlenecks in this Administrative Processing process.


Our lives seem to be at the mercy of such Consular/Admin Processing . I feel the Consulate should do these preliminary checks during the Petition approval and not undergo duplicate procedures time and again which is just painful . We come barely for a few days and when we have to go through this long delay it just creates TURBULENCE in our lives with our jobs , career and family lives in a LIMBO. Would appreciate restructuring of this process with minimal delays in case this check has to happen for the stamping whatsover . Also if possible there should be Stamping process in the US or a process where we could get the admin processing done before leaving from the country that way after coming here we dont have to go through the Grief of waiting Inordinately for the stamping. It's just not Feasible for us to hold on that long as it really causes lot of DAMAGE to our lives and to our Employers whose operations gets affected .


This process needs an overhaul , redesign to make it more efficient and less time consuming (max 2 weeks should be the Service Level Agreement ) .. WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS WAY... It is a reasonable target if given a serious thought and worked upon.


Please dont disregard our pleas and address this issue on TOP PRIORITY... :-) Will be good for Us , Employers and the Country as a whole since we are serving there as we ARE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.. for the Country so its not too much to expect some due respect :-) as we are serving in the US and being respectable Citizens there.



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