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Public Security Reporting Tools

To get the public really involved in the counter-terrorism effort there needs to be a variety of easy to use mechanisms for them to report potential security issues. For example the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division has a hot line ( FAQ #1620) for people to report “possible security concern involving the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) regulation” at the facility they where they work or at other covered facilities.


Unfortunately, the reference to the Hot Line is buried in one of the most extensive Frequently Asked Question lists that I have ever seen. There is only one link to this FAQ on all of the chemical facility security web pages on the DHS site and no links on any of the pages that the general public is likely to use.


Each security program in DHS should have their own security issue reporting web page that is directly accessible from every web page that deals with that program. There should also be a single DHS-wide security issue reporting web page that provides a link to each of these program reporting pages. Finally there should be the option for submitting the report via phone or internet to make the reporting process as simple as possible.



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