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221g Administrative processing

Also with 221g Administrative processing, there should be a deadline on when it would be completed. I have read a lot of forums that some people have been waiting for years to get a response. Others are still waiting. During this long waiting period, the petitioner and beneficiary go thru pain and suffering, and the frustration that the US government is not doing enough for them. It is also frustrating to call USCIS and ask for a status, and in return all they tell you “It’s still in Administrative Processing”.


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  1. Comment

    Also ,the applicant should be notified about the reason for the visa being put on administrative processing .

    Along with pain and suffering , its the uncertainty of the process that adds to the frustration . Checking mails everyday , calling consulate and DOS every other week to hear the same response adds to the frustration .

    In my case , its been 5 months now my husbands L2 visa

    is put on administrative processing and have no updates yet . Staying alone in a foriegn country with a hope that my husband will join me soon is not making my stay in US a good experience .

  2. Comment
    Community Member

    Absoloutely..On 221g for F1.I am missing 8 months of my Phd. No idea if I will get the visa. No idea if I will still have the admit when I get the visa. No idea what is going on, why I am being being scrutinised. How much longer should I put my life on hold and wait?? I have worked hard tos ecure an admit. Why do the US univs admit if we are going to be put on meaningless delay and cannot join?

    Many friends on H1 have approved petitions when they come to stamping and get 221g. USCIS did no cheking when they approved the petition?!? those 221g's really beat me. People have job, houses, kids, wives back in the US..what kind of hellish torture is that?

  3. Comment

    The process is ridiculous. The wait is pur torture. A lot of people have been put into a lot of unecessary trouble.

    Sure, security checks are needed. There must be abetter way to do it. Obviously, the department in charge of this process is under staffed.

    A good idea might be to charge a premium fee and expediate the process.

  4. Comment
    A MA

    The idea of premium processing is excellent. Most people don't mind paying that $1000 for getting the work done in right amount of time. Who would want to wait for several months. In research every hour, every day, every month is important. A scientist who didn't work for 3 months means lots of loss to the scientific field and community.

    Hope the DHS finds a balance between security and advancement of science & technology.

  5. Comment
    Community Member

    Dear Sir /Mam of Homeland Security

    If you are reading this, i would request you to give this an unbiased thought.

    There is nothing more important than the security of the country. I complete support the 221g process , because by examining 1000 cases, if you find even 1 threat its worth it. At the same time, there should be an effort to make the process kind towards those 999 innocent and genuine cases who just got caught in this process due to ill fate.

    I am one of the H1b cases stuck in 221g with over a month now, and still dont know when i would hear back. I have a husband,a house and a job back there in the States. All 3 of them are suffering right now, along with my holiday to my home country which got turned into a complete nightmare with continuous stress and anxiety for the whole family. If only i would know a deadline by which my case would be guaranteed to be processed, life would be so much better. Even if that means an additional processing fee, most of us / our employers would not mind paying that. Another option could be to do these checks at the time USCIS approves the H1B petition.

    I hope and pray that all the genuine cases caught in 221g, get a prompt reply and can continue their normal lives thereafter.

    Thanks so much for reading,

    Yours sincerely

    A girl stuck in 221g

  6. Comment
    Community Member

    I wish that it was possible to get this additional processing done while being in US only; instead of having to travel outside of US for visa stamping and getting stuck there.

    This way, security doesn't get compromised because the additional processing is still being done; and our time also doesn't get wasted because we are still working in US and getting this additional processing done well in advance.

  7. Comment
    Community Member

    How does it make sense that one could be in US for years without any issue or any processing needed, but as soon as he/she visits outside and need stamping, he/she needs admin processing too...

    Secondly the processes itself is very inhumane. In my case I have been staying is US for last 10 years and I didn't plan to stay out of country for so long... how can one do so ??? I don't have roommates, how long Post-office will hold mails for me rest apart all issues with job etc... and as for giving back to society, I am a blood donor. Tell me a single person who donated blood, did community service on own's will and still betray same people !!!

    Its just inhumane to treat people like this !!!

  8. Comment
    Community Member

    221g on first time visa applicant is understandable but for a visa applicant who already held the same visa for 6-7 years what is the justification for this ?

    I worked on H1-B visa for a company for 5 years and all togather I have worked on H1-B visa for 7 years and when I go for stamping they put it on 221g. how ridiculous it looks ? As if consulate officers themselves do not trust the approval notice from USCIS. and on top of that they send the petition back to USCIS for verification. isn't it so funny !

  9. Comment
    Community Member

    In other part of the world, you can get your visa renewed and stamped in the passport while you are in the country. My Brother did the same in UK. why not US also start thinking in that direction to avoid such a mess

  10. Comment
    Community Member

    This 221g is a sudden burden on Applicants with no fixed timelines and no tracking status....

  11. Comment
    Community Member

    At the least, the status tracker should give out more information as to where the processing is currently at and also how long it will take to complete. Those informations would help us update our Employer with exact timelines.

  12. Comment
    Community Member

    I think security clearance and visa approval should be done in two separate processes. One should be allowed to get clearance before visa application while staying in USA.

    I got Fulbright Scholarship from USA to do my PhD in a top US school, stayed three and half years there. But when I came to renew my visa, found that I have to wait indefinitely for my visa. No one on earth has a clue when it will end. Already I have missed four weeks of class. Most likely I have to drop this semester. Never imagined that being the recipient of the most prestigious scholarship of a country I had to wait so long simply to enter into the same country.

    This unfortunate thing is affecting my classes, research activities (funded by NSF) and many other commitments in US. Surely, this is not the way people should be treated and business should be done in a country like USA.

  13. Comment
    Community Member

    This process is a very painful process .

    people who go for emergency visit to their home country gets trapped in this administrative processing and this creates uncertainity in their life and job.

    how can we think about investing in america's future if there is no guarentee that we can come back here.

  14. Comment
    Community Member

    Like every one else in this idea forum i would also like to put forward a very humble request to DHS or DOS to please consider these ideas seriously to improve the 221g process. It surely is very very painful when it comes to delays which are unpredictable and we have to be answerable to the client and to the employer each time they ask about the update, and since we do not know any specific timeline it is really very frustating to handle these situations. I am also waiting for 5 months now for the admin processing to complete and their is no update from the embassy or DOS on my case other than "it is still under processing". I completely agree with the ideas of allowing the applicants to complete the lengthy part of the admin process when they in the US. so they are not held up with the admin processing outside the US with out job. Atlast i would only have to say one thing, please please please go through these ideas and please improve this painful process, as i have a first hand experience with the delays in this process, i can tell you the pain is way lot more what anyone has written over here and it is very tough to explain in words. Thanks!

  15. Comment
    Community Member

    Having too wait for now what has been 3 months to hear back on my 221g processing, I too support the idea of improving the process of 221g , I understand the needs to avoid fraud and handle security threats but the idea of waiting for indefinite periods of time for this process to be completed with very les information on it status is painful for both sides of the visa relationship - the person and his sponsor. No one would suggest you to cancel your important process but making it more informative and clear is the step I feel is required to be taken. Also keeping in mind the nature of problems that such delays cause to the genuine employer in USA who need those people to work to deliver important services and products for their business and the amount of stress and uncertainty it causes to the visa applicants ,I would see it beneficial for all, if it is possible ,for you to adapt some ways to improve the time taken to finish the processing for the majority of 221g processing needed applicants

  16. Comment
    Community Member

    Have been waiting for 7 months now. Waiting is a VERY painful process. It is causing nothing but a unneccessery physical, financial and mental burden on the applicants and their family. There is no time frame. There is no certain answer for you when you call. One needs to have steel nerves to face all this but after all we all are humans and at certain point, we'd just give up. Very sad situation.This process needs to be revamped, badly.

  17. Comment
    Community Member

    Having been waiting for 3 months. It is very painful to not know about your visa status which puts your future plans in trouble.I wish they did this additional checks while approving the H1b Petition. I also support the idea of premium processing for 221g cases.


  18. Comment

    If the department is understaffed, I fail to understand why in this time of high unemployment rates and recession, people are not being hired when clearly there is a need. When the government is spending so much on creating jobs, why the jobs that are already available not being filled.

  19. Comment

    221g proces needs to be changed. They should make a statement of aknowldement based on the slip that they issue and very important thing is why its taking hellish time! i am waiting from 3 month..

    This is really frustrating and expensive torture for all 221g candidates

  20. Comment

    Many people are on H1B or L1 visas which are for Skilled worker or managerial workers. At any pont in time bcoz of this delay of 221g, one can fear of loosing Job, or apparently their career is on the stake. We appreciate that USA is taking initiative on Security, however, they need to keep informing / communicating with applicants and have to update them regularly with their updates. One of the major is that there should be Dead line for each cases. 2nd once should be, that applicants should know the reason why they have been kept on Pending, after all they are on SKILLED VISA / MANAGERIAL Post, they do deserve to know the reason. 3rd, each applicants need to be informed if USA VISA OFFICER need any further documentation, even after documantation applicant needs to be informed regularly. All I want to inform is JUST WAITING / OR KEEPING PATIENCE SHOULD NOT BE THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THIS. Hope you agrees.

  21. Comment
    Community Member

    waiting for indefinate time is real pain. I m waiting frrm around 2 months now. Rented house, Furniture, Cable connection, phone, Internet bill, elecricity bill, CAR, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, JOB at all level there is Financial punishment for no good reason.

    Authority need to understand and take immidiate action to make this process smooth.

    There are so many pain stories found on different sources,, immihelp, trackit... so good amount of people are getting suffered. and When mass will suffer thats truly indicates failure or problem of the System/Process.

  22. Comment
    Community Member

    Reading all these forum and being in same boat in the name of Humanity, US government should really consider the comments from the people and the hardships people face. Hardships faced is not easy to handle its worst time of life people are facing.

    The time we spend in waiting for our application to get approved/ denied is worst time which creates tension, anxiety , depression, frustration in mind of person. People come to their home country to visit their family and these kind of complication really makes people handicap and helpless which totally screws up all the vacation and happiness he want to spend with his/ her family.

  23. Comment
    Community Member

    In my opinion any embassy is an interface of a country.

    And incorrect or no information by such authority puts a very bad image of the system.

    In my case while putting on 221(g) the officer said it will take 2-3 weeks to clear the processing and we are keeping you possport.

    That 2-3 weeks converted to 3 months and still there is no update. And now the statement is there is no fixed time lines and every case has its own verification process.

    I totally understand and appreciate the procees and need of such process.

    Since it an important step for the security of any country, there should be a very clear and robust process to handle such cases.

    I agree with all the comments and the department should really take initiatives in making the process more robust and user friendly.

    - Clear Timelines - A clear min and max date

    - Separate the process of visa stamping and verification - One can request a NOC kind of stuff and present it while visa stamping

    - sub-Categorization of 221(g) and time line for each category

    - Fast Track of processing with additional fee

  24. Comment
    Community Member

    It is ridiculous to slap 221(g) when one asks for a temporary visa B1/B2. Ideally for this they should just look at the documents and stamp the visa.

    Just increasing their workload and losses to others. Totally meaningless.

  25. Comment

    Hello - I have been waiting since Nov 9th waiting for my visa. It is still under admin processing. It's been 4 months till now. I have written to the Senator, State department, President and Consulate and have received the same response - pending processing. I have been in the USA with a clean record for 8 years and am now stranded in India. The last time they did this check on me was 5 years back and I was stranded for 72 days. Now it's been 4 months. In this information age, does it really take 4 months and beyond for background checking. My entire livelihood is at stake, my job is at stake and my personal life is at stake. Can anything be done to solve this?

  26. Comment
    Community Member

    I am waiting since Jan 20 2011, for my PIMS verification. As per forums, USCIS website, and FAQS in consulate website it states it should take 2-3 days. Now its been almost 2 months and still no response from consulate. This unexpected delays are total frustration in mind of people who are already been staying there for such a long time. I understand there is need of admin process but just to wait unknowingly creates total dilemma, anxiety, depression. I am not sure what process is been followed which takes almost 2-3 months to check PIMS (Petition information management system) within their own database. This seems to be total advantage of people who are always going by the books and someone wants to make them frustrated because of no reason.

  27. Comment
    Community Member

    there is no such thing as admin process. they don't do anything while we wait. Its just wasting time and hope that applicant will run away or the employer will pull back the petition for H1B. this is just another cheap way of opening jobs for dumb Americans and hope that economy will boost. If DOS really wanted to be thorough in doing security checks or background check of an individual, they would have done it at the time of processing the H1 petition. but at that time they are only interested in collecting the fees and don't see much other than the money.

  28. Comment
    Community Member

    To all the officials who are seeing this post.

    Hope you really understand the pain and the torture the person or his/her family members are going through if they have a pending 221(g) Administrative Processing.

    I have my husband and kid struck in India with this AP and It has been 3 months now. No update has been there from the consulate or DOS.

    Kindly understand the people whose family is struck there, the pain they are being through and put a specific time line to clear of this process.

  29. Comment
    Community Member

    I'm really into big financial crunch as I'm stuck in India waiting for 221g administrative processing for about a month now. All I got is a job in US which I'm fearing to loose because of this indefinite delay.

    Please try to expedite the whole process of 221g or try to give clear response to the applicant at any stage of the process so that he/she can have a good idea about whats going on.

    Thanks for your attention in this matter.

  30. Comment
    Community Member

    Dear Officials,

    Please understand I really empathise and understand the idea of 221g put into effect. Nothing worng in doing so, but there has to be a more humane process.And since I am on the receiving end I feel there should be a specific timeline, a break up of each case, no vague or dry announcements and more transparency for each candidate. Each candidate is not just a number in statistics but is a human being linked to a lot of other people who may be dependents and has a life to live.

    In these days, when every data about us is systematically entered in the database(be it credit card transactions, FICO scores, DMV cases, address changes, jobs maintained, social network sites etc ) , I am surprised to see it taking a minimum of 3 months for admin processing to complete. I work in a data analytics field and this confounds me.

    Time is money and time lost is debt accumulated (personally, professionally and financially) for us H1bs who are sincerely working in USA and living a strictly responsible life.

    I have been in USA for nearly 8 years, studied hard and worked my way up to build a career on which I pride myself for that. And I am frustrated to think that such a process can really derail my career prospects in USA.

    If this process has to happen I request you to do it when USCIS approves such a case. Have a clear channel of communication lines with the candidates. The wait and patience game and the vague responses are getting a bit of rudimentary in such a age.

    I really hope the officials understand and warm up to the pain one has to go through of being holed up in a situation and at the complete mercy of such a process.

  31. Comment
    Community Member

    Dear DHS,

    My wife and my one yr old kid(who is an US citizen) are struck in this AP process for 7 weeks now. We don't know what happening to her application. Her employer is very upset and her job is at stake. This is causing some much emotional pain and distress to the whole family.

    I strongly believe this whole process can be expediated and can also be made transparent.

  32. Comment
    Community Member

    Dear DHS,

    Going through this painful ever waiting process without any update on the case is frustrating and depressing. The more frustrating thing is that I was handed out the 221g form without even asking what kind of work I do or what does my employer/client do during my interview process. The consular simply handed out 221g form stating that the information is insufficient without even checking the forms which I have submitted. Is this the way the consulates work? I have been waiting for some kind of update on my case for 2 months now. This wait process is taking toll on my job, health, and relationships. I was planning to stay outside of US for 3 weeks and my stay has extended beyond 8 weeks. I have small baby (who is a US citizen)for whom I need to plan ahead to stay for long periods. My baby's food supplies are getting exhausted and still I dont have any update on my case. My employer is a small start up and they are hardly willing to extend my stay outside of US and thus putting my job at stake which I had to struggle to get. I was given an RFE during the initial H1B visa application process. I am not sure what else the DHS want to do when they have already had an RFE earlier. I am sure they are doing it for the sake of country's security. But is this healthy to put so many people's careers, lives at stake. I strongly believe that this process can be expediated.

    I just wish the official at DHS empathize with us and do the needful to help us out and put us out of this misery and pain.


  33. Comment
    Community Member

    i am waiting from 4 month ,i can not get idea what i have to do ,us gov. must take a bridge decisioned on that...................,this is really very worst time 4 us


  34. Comment

    I am waiting from last 5 months. In this Admin Processing, Along with pain and suffering , its the uncertainty of the process that adds to the frustration . Checking mails everyday , calling consulate and DOS every other week to hear the same response adds to the frustration .

    If any one from Deptt of Home land Security is reading this, request them to make this process more transparent.

  35. Comment
    Community Member

    My husband is stuck with 221 g from last 2.5 months. we both had jobs, responsible residents, always pay taxes, never even have a ticket, good credit history ..both are PhDs and I don't think we deserve to go through all this. The common template for denial is given to every third person who has been handed 221g, without even calling an employer visa are denied saying cannot fulfill employees employment...most of the people are loosing jobs, contracts. we go to our homecountry for two weeks vacation with two suitcases and get stuck there without knowing what to do with our belongings! This is very traumatizing when USCIS accepts the H1-b petition why does consulates having hard time giving visas unless and untill they are being asked to do that..Please make the system more transparent and we are educated legal nonimmigrants who work, pay taxes so please don't make us go through all this. Why is 221g handed out if visa has to be denied after 3 months? why are peolpe made to wait for months so that they loose job and never retuen back? me and my husband are in US for more than 7yrs now..we struggled hard to get are PhDs...if we are wrong people we would have an easy life..still struggling stay apart from each other becoz of our jobs...and now 221g- will decide our fate

  36. Comment
    Community Member

    The 221g and administration verification is ridiculous and i am sure US government is doing that to make people stay in their home country. It is so sad that USA govt is doing like this. Many people are scared to go to their home country because of this delays. God is watching their behavior and will surely make them also go thru this delay and they will know how it feels. I heard that they takes months to do the verification, and then when finally we lose the job, then they will be happy i think. I wish they were in our shoes to know what king of depression we are going thru.

  37. Comment
    Community Member

    I totally believe in security for the country but should be in proper manner without any problems to highly qualified skill people (H1,L1).

    I also stuck in my home country after admin process and now visa denial after 6 months. I lived in states for more than 3 years and was working for same company. I have my apartment, household items, car and what not. I was paying rent since 5 months with hope to get visa. It became night mare to come in my home country. My question is I was fine if I was there why I am suffering lot at shake of stamping. This process should be finish at USCIS at the time of petition approval only. Else they should have given visa with some security so one can collect his stuff. One more think I would like to share my personal thing my son born there, he is having hole in his heart and his surgery was scheduled .we came in my home country with intention to meet family people. Now we stuck so it’s not only H1 but my citizenship son is suffering without proper treatment and my wife is under treatment of other doctor. I don’t know what to share now…

    Any DHS authority please help people who stuck. I think we are genuine people ready to give any documents you want to prove our shelves. We are really looking forward through this forum.

  38. Comment
    A MA

    It is not the "administrative processing" per se but the time it is taking for this processing is generating a lot of resentment and frustration among the applicants. It is disheartening to read some of the comments.

    As I understand the main reason for the delay is the background or security check during which the name and DOB of the applicant is searched against a database with name of criminals. If there is a "hit", meaning a match of your name and DOB then the rest of the process is to establish that the applicant is not same as that criminal. The process start with an assumption of "guilty until proven innocent" which is completely against the American Justice which the entire world is proud of.

    At the end, completely normal law abiding individuals will pay the price for the action of few criminals. Depending upon individual circumstance each applicant has lot to loose than gain. It is like these applicants are punished for the actions of others, which is ridiculous.

    Having lived for more than 6 years, this not the America I have known where some innocent is punished for the action of others.

    I really hope that the DOS establish a balance between security and issuing visas to deserving applicants.

    I can't speak for the rest of the world, but as an Indian (not Red Indian) I can say that a majority of us are law abiding, hard working and highly educated (Masters or PhDs) people who have contributed a lot to every field. Most of us come to USA for economic and educational opportunities.

    Please make the administrative processing faster.

  39. Comment

    Thanks so much to the State department for the following. I have lived in the USA for 10 years, did my MBA and work with a large bank. I came to India to get married and was put under 221G in November 2010. It's been 4.5 months now. My bank that was patient this long has given me a notice of 15 days until March 31, 2011. I will have to lose my house to foreclosure because what's the point of having a mortgage if I don't have a job or a house? I will have to lose my job as well after being married. In addition, everything that I had over there, car, belongings etc. need to be disposed without me being present. I think the State Department might be quite happy with this outcome of ruining a law abiding person's livelihood, personal and professional life. Congrats!!! Way to go.

  40. Comment
    Community Member

    Please do something about this admin processing. I have been stucked in India for more than 4 months now. My case is for H4 visa. My 2.5 years old US Citizen daughter is also stucked here with me away from her father. I hope Embassy/DHS do something about this 221 g admin processing and make this process smoother. Thanks.

  41. Comment
    Community Member

    I am not sure if any officer is looking and reading all these comments and care about our lives. I am not even sure if they do any kind of processing and that's the reason why they don't have a timeline. If they do they could make it transparent. Probably expecting to get jobs for the US Citizens by this.

    My husband is stuck with 221g blue slip for past 3 months and no answer from them. Don't even know they are looking into the cases. I am not sure how do they think we will have jobs till they decide on the case by taking how much ever time they want. I am here struggling with a 21/2 year old kid who is waiting for her father. I hope they do have families and know what pain we or a small kid goes through.

  42. Comment
    Community Member

    I'm in the same boat, stuck in 221g processing from the past 5 months. whenever I email/call them its the same answer that its under processing and really hate to hear that answer. There should be a deadline of when the consulate should respond (maybe 30-45 days) but being in this uncertainty is really disappointing and disturbing. I cannot concentrate on anything - job, family, health, travel etc. I hope DOS considers this idea as one of the top priority one.

    Thank you !

  43. Comment
    Community Member

    221(g) has affected my life negatively in many ways. The first time I was stuck with it was 2004 when I applied to do my masters in the United States, after all the hard work and money spent on applications, GRE and the aspirations I had, I was given a 221(g) with an indefinite wait.. I had to go to Canada to do my Masters instead.

    Then I eventually did move to United States and called my family to come visit me, my mom applied for a tourist visa, was given a 221(g), no response for almost a year.. then both my mom and dad re-applied, 221(g) again with no reply indefinitely (its been 3 years and they have given up).

    Now 7 years later and three successful visa stamps, I went to renew my H1B and was given 221(g) again. What a nightmare! Now I'm waiting - dejected, tired, dissapointed and despirited. I love this country, its people and culture.. I work hard, am a responsible law abiding citizen and I have made every effort to assimilate. I bring talent, tax dollars to this place and in return all I get is suspicion in the form of this processing (They always do a name check on me).

    America in the past years has become everything to me and all I am to them is a name.

    Please State Department, I urge you to review this process. You have companies like Google building fast indexing engines.. build a fast name check and verification system to make sure the 99.99% of innocent people who do go through these pains, emotional trauma can get some relief. Please, we believe in the values of this country but this procedure run counter to all the things I love and admire about America.

  44. Comment
    Community Member

    Not sure what Consulate people trying to find/achieve with this 221g Admin Process. In my case during petition itself USCIS sent a RFE asking everything that they could cross question and about all we responded with A – Z that they want to know, even though its premium processing during petition with RFE and all it took more than the time that it go through the normal petition approval days. Once the petition approved and when appeared for stamping the consulate again put in admin processing….this wait it really frustrating every hour, day and now months….it’s very tedious and torture process.

    I can’t n’joy vacation, can’t spend good time with family and friends …returning home after long yrs this add sad on face and min blowing tension inside….no one knows what’s going to happen, when it’s completed….whether it get approved or not??

    This giving a feeling that we reached a place that we are not supposed to !! being in mother land itself….Oooooh god. What is this life.

    Why us ?….they should be a balanced act, when USCIS approved petition they done the job enough, diligent work and confirmed the eligibility to work….then what’s the point in reviewing an approved one. As key resource on the project who didn’t work for months means a lot of loss to the entire project, client get royally struggle with this kind of resource crunch which trickle down all the way to result big loss. Instead of saving it ends up huge losses for no good reasons. It does all add to loss of career, compny revenue, future is hampered for all involved in the loop.

    Pls get this mystery resolved with transparent rules and policies. Pls do not jeopardize the lives.

  45. Comment
    Community Member

    I have been waiting for 8 months in Toronto alongwith my wife (H4) and my 4 year old US born, son. I completed my Masters and BS in the US. I lived in that country for almost 15 years now. I have clean record and background. I have been on H1 status for almost 5 years now. I was given that status after USCIS completed all formalities. I am not sure why we have to go through all the background check and scrutiny. Th last 8 months under this admin review has given us nothing but pain and suffering. I had to vacate my US apartment as I was not in position to pay rents at two places. I am not sure where this AP is taking us but what ever has happened with me so far, cannot be explained by words. I again, request the concern authorities to make this process faster as each day under this review, does not give us anything else but pain. Please make this process fast.

  46. Comment
    Community Member

    I have been waiting for last few weeks to get my visa approved due to this "Administrative Processing". I have similar questions in my mind. Why this information is asked at the time of Visa Stamping when I left USA and applied for Visa in my home country . USCIS had asked for tons of documents during Visa extension process in RFE and after all verification Visa was approved . This is sheer waste of time and torture process to say indirectly that " You are not welcome to USA"

  47. Comment

    221G is a scam. I have spent the last 10 years in the States and have been held up for 4.5 months. As a result I am going to lose my job by this month end. Thanks US. I will be foreclosing my house etc. due to this. This is just a part of a wider conspiracy that's going on.

  48. Comment

    My husband is in administrative processing for the past 3 months. He is an Indian living in UAE. Its very frustrating to not know when his process will complete. I hope the govt realizes how unfair this law is for all citizens. I hope & pray all those in admin processing get their visa soon. May God help us all...

  49. Comment
    Community Member

    I have been held at my home town for about 4 months and I lost job because of the administrative processing. I am sure security checks are very necessary for any country. At the same time, US Consulates should add additional processing steps before we get to embassy for visa stamping. Like getting PIMS verified, security clearance etc., At this point, I am really confused and not sure, how to wrap up my stuff back in states. I am sure this might be frustrating to many people, but at the same time all these laws exists from a while, but they started implementing these now. I have a nice offer from singapore and I am looking to move over there for job purposes, but I will have to get my passport withdrawn from US embassy.

  50. Comment
    Community Member

    I have been to US in 5 years and on H1B its about 2 years. I agree with everyone who expressed their views here and there are plenty of others who did not express it here.

    I know security is the major concern for each and every country and I understand taking this steps by different Federal agencies

    to secure US against any threats to their country. but on the other side of the page, i saw lots of people including me who stuck due

    to "Administrative Processing" in their Home country and spent frustrating days in their home with their families.this process

    is putting so many people's personal professional life in Uncertainly halting situation. like many I also have a question,

    while approving the VISA USCIS looked at individuals as well as their employer and then sent us

    Approval notice. then what is the meaning of doing this process once we leave US ? I really dont understand why they are

    approving the VISA at the first place if they want to put it in pending/deny status ? due to this pending status many of us will loose their home,cars,properties

    we own in US. I would request authorities to make this process expedite that would save people's personal and professional life.

  51. Comment

    I agree with the above comment. Why would USCIS approve a visa when it had to be put in Administrative processing? They should do ALL the processing neccesary before approving the visa that way we can atleast know the timeline. Not giving applicants/petitioners a timeline is very unethical and unjust!! This law needs to be changed..its very inhumane to citizens and mankind.

  52. Comment
    Community Member

    I agree with the time based processing. All the genuine candidates are loosing their admissions and jobs due to this admin processing.

    A clear explaination should be given why the candidates are put in admin processing...

    I dont see a good reason why I was put in admin processing...

  53. Comment
    Community Member

    I am in the same boat.This process brings destruction of our family and carrier. I am a licensed health care worker. I did lot of hard work to get the licence.I never imagined such situation even after getting licence. I am working full time on H1B visa and studying part time for doctorate.

    USCIS gave me approval few months back and US consulate keeps visa process under admin process.

    Before giving approval USCIS should check all the requirements. This situation has made difficult for many non-immigrants to visit their family.

  54. Comment
    Community Member

    I have seen people being handed out yellow forms when they were able to produce all the paper work. If the VO wanted to hand out yellow forms for admin processing anyways, can this step be clubbed while USCIS reviews the case and before we take appointments for stamping, while we are in USA. If you want us to pay we will not mind paying either.

    You do not have to disclose the results before the interview.

    This way if the case is legit they will not mind going through admin security while they are in USA. Most people will not avoid it since most people currently stuck in India would not had the guts to travel for stamping in the first place.

    This is because ultimately we want to live by the rules and have a clean slate.

    Can you please break up the admin processing piece into few sub groups. I am just asking for a 1st level sub break up. This way it will be still abstract but still be specific enough for us applicants to know where the case is stuck? Already a huge number of people know what does admin processing consist of so I think this much information is still acceptable to disclose.

    Sample this.

    1) PIMS (check)

    2) Name, Finger prints and background (check)

    3) Employers (check)

    4) Immigration Procedure (check)


    This way the applicant will have a clear idea of his/her case online.

    Please seriously take these suggestions into consideration for making the whole process streamlined.

  55. Comment
    Community Member

    Have been waiting for more than 6 months with my 7 year old not able to continue her school due to the uncertainty. My customer back in US is frustrated and is willing to let go of me as he cannot wait endlessly. The stress is unimaginable. I couldn't imagine that I would be treated like this after having worked for 6 years in US with a spotless record. 221g is a bane for all those going for a stamping. The process certainly needs a huge revamp. Still waiting...

  56. Comment
    Community Member

    Reflecting on the views above, please please bring fairness and transparency to this process.

    If somebody who has the authority to make changes is reading this, please consider following:

    - Put more controls when USCIS is approving the petition rather than doing at the stamping time.

    - I don't know when this rule of stamping done only from outside the country originated(may be several decades back or a century ago), it doesn't relevant today in all the cases. For new visa holders going to enter into US for the first time, it makes sense. But, if somebody is already in the country for several years, there should be a way to get stamping done from within the US.

    - Clear Timelines and a way to expedite the process by paying a fee.

    State Dept has similar forum at I am wondering if that is the more appropriate forum for getting attention to this issue.

  57. Comment
    Community Member

    I have been following up with this thread since the beginning and noticed that as the number of votes have increased the rank of this idea post also improved. I remember that when there were only 25 votes then the rank was 8 and when the vote count reached around 70-75 the rank reached upto 2. And now the vote count is 98 and the rank is still 2 which is really suprising. I request the administrators of this portal to please pay attention and take this topic seriously and bring this upto the necessary authorities in order to make the 221g process better.

    I have already on this idea before and i am posting again. It is very difficult for those who have not gone through the 221g process to understand the huge pain and frustation with which the innocent applicant goes through. So whoever the authority is please do the needful to improve this.

  58. Comment

    My situation is extremely frustrating. I hAve lived in the states for 10 years now. I camdown for stamping and got held up for 4.5 months and was going to lose my job when the clearance came through and I came to the states. I got married in Nov 2010. My wife applied for her h4 stamping after I got my clearance. She has never travelled to the USA before and her stamping has now been put under 221g. Come on folks, 221g on a h4? Give me a break. If it is because they found a name match against me, then wouldn't it be fairly obvious that you just did the admin processing on me and received the clearance? How intelligent do you need to be to figure that out? Now does she need to wait for another 4.5 months for a clearance that was already received for me? If you guys can't figure this out please hire more intelligent people who can do these checks. This is absolutely ridiculous. There is no reward for being a law abiding person paying all taxes on time. You obviously know what's going to happen due to this. People are going to gt extremely frustrated and drop the ball. In my case I would just foreclose on my house and return back. This is getting to a point where it is getting beyond ridiculous. Indians are one of the most decent and highly earning demographic in the US. We are all highly educated often more than the average American. It is time that we got some respect for who we are. If not, I think Indians atleast the ones on this process should just return back and contribute to our local economy. This 221g Seems to be a scam operated by the US government and the State department. Guys atleastbe honest and tell us your real intention like UK did when they stopped he work permit. Be honest instead of leading people on. Shame on you for doing this.

  59. Comment
    Community Member

    This is obsolutely ridiculous and US processing is the worst than any othe country, no doubt abour it...being a developed nation they do not have any proper process and time lines to address.....this reminds me the story of GOLDEN DUCK...where in lust of money/greedy the farmer thought there are more eggs in the duck instead of taking one egg a day given by the duck...he kills the duck in his mad thought and duck dies.

    You need to save the GOLDEN DUCK so that you can get the results and lot term benefits instead of killing.

    Wake up Pls before the duck the end US will end up paying high price for all these kind of reality as the process get delayed the more burden on the genuine companies they get hit the worst more and more.....this will sure big hit going to the companies all together, instead of saving economy you ruin the country.

    Pls come out of your bad thought and be honest instead of tortouring and making lives miserable

  60. Comment

    There should certainly be a time frame, a person staying in US and going for stamping with all the required details given in hand should be cleared quickly

  61. Comment
    Community Member

    My husband's been working in the US for the past 3 years with good records...came to India for marriage..Stuck with the 221 g pink slip Admin Processing for more than 3 months...Hoping to get the Process have a Happy end Soon...It's been so frustrating...Each day anticipation grows much higher and higher looking into the pdf...Wanting to know the status of the Case which isn't so easy is making us more tensed...The wait is more than the word torture...Please to whomsoever it may concern let the applicant's have an option to expedite the process...Let all the genuine applicant's process be cleared quickly...Do not make us wait...For me with so much hope and happiness...It's so painful and the wait just can't be explained in words...Please let genuine people like us have our VISA soon.....Pleaseee......Do not make us wait even longer...

  62. Comment
    Community Member

    I believe one simple administrative change will make a big change for visa revalidation.

    Please please investigate the person when he/she applies for H1B extension here in US not when he tries to get visa re-validation done while on vacation or vising to family or during an emergency.

    I am in US for last 9 years and have 5 visa stamps on my passport. Not sure why my case was picked for Administrative Processing when there is No job or employer change for all these years.

    Again, please investigate the cases right here in US and deport if you see any issues.

  63. Comment
    Community Member

    Thanks to all for voting. The 221 is an officially money making protocol to support US economy, borders for illegals and DC funds. Don't waste your time for a government that is not accountable for anything.

    Give me one sane reason why USCIS should be bothered about your whining.

    P.S. Dont forget to keep applying and keep waiting in hope. cha-ching.

  64. Comment
    Community Member

    The same reason its established for "overseeing lawful immigrants". If they can't perform their duty then its time for them to accept the failure and make necessary adjustments. In a democratic country, governament is responsible and accountable. And any sane person would accept it.

  65. Comment

    Now they have put my wife under 221g for a h4 visa. She has never been to the states before. I was waiting for 4.5 months. We just got married in nov 2010. Now I am here and she is in india. If America does not like Muslims, why are they being hypocritical about it. Most of the people caught in this are Muslims. I don't know how much longer me and my wife will be separated.

  66. Comment

    110 days of this mental agony .....h4 visa for my wife and 4 year old son...after 90 days we received a mail saying our case has been processed and we can submit the passport only to be 221g issued again....

  67. Comment
    Community Member

    Jus' married....Please don' do this to us...let me and my husband have our visas....The concerned authorities take some action for 221g please......

  68. Comment

    I'm from the Philipines and has been legally working in US as middle school teacher with Baltimore City Public Schools. My visa restamping in US Embassy Manila ended up in 221 g with no documents required. The VO returned my passport and told me the embassy will just call me. It has been close to 5 weeks now and I'm still waiting for my visa. My leaves are all used up and I will be on leave without pay immediately after the spring break. Which means I will not get paid anymore and I have to worry about paying my apartment, car, and bills while I'm waiting idefinitely for this process to be completed. This processing is very painful and very disappointing since this is not my first time to go on a visa restamping. This is actually my third. I do not understand how these consuls make the decision to pick you for 221g. I've been living in US for 6 years now and has been working so hard to educate middle school kids to which i have dedicated myself. I've been a law abiding person even before I came to US. I returned to the Philippines last March 5th for an emergency homecoming - to grieve for my loss and my suffering was aggravated more by this process. I am wondering if these consuls are thinking of the irreparable damage this AP could wreak to the lives of these people whom they subjected to this administrative processing for nonsense. This is very contrary to the ideals of the America that I've known. I respect the process but there should be a fixed time line that these consuls should follow to issue the visa for these applicants who were under 221 g - without requirements. America is promoting accountability, and justice but where is accountability and justice here? You loose your job, your finances/credit history are ruined and no one is held accountable. I think its about time that consuls lose their immunity should they erroneusly put a person on 221 g because of their incompetence, and this person suffers. Is this the best treatment non immigrant workers could get from this great nation? I hope the government would do something to resolve all these 221 g issues because this is very unfair and inhumane.

  69. Comment

    I am in the same boat as every one else.Throughout my work carrier i never been on bench.I have paystubs from day 1 till date.Its been 6+ years i am working for same client.I have all client and vendor letters.At interview ,officer didnt care about anything and handed over white slip.

    I am in india for last three months and still waiting for visa.This practice will make the real threat to stay back in USA.I came to India multiple times and got Visa for mot=re then 4 times.

    How come one consulate approves all visa and other keep handing out Pending cases.So in human and injustice.I prefer rather reject the visa and give a month business visa to settle our property in USA.

    Congressman if you are listening then please make the admin processing process little better.Do the processing since the time we schedule an appointment for stamping.This way one can have plans to visit accordingly.

  70. Comment

    Noone is listening to us. Despite this being the number 1 thread no action has been taken yet. The 221g is a way to make honest well qualified non immigrants lose their jobs so that a local person can get the same job.

  71. Comment
    Community Member

    230 days under admin processing process me & 3 of my kids.after those 230 days We are still waiting, to get our visa " Family immigration case" , waiting and waiting but I do not know why we need to waite , for what and for how long we will be waiting after 230 days to get out of this black circle"admin processing process "if we gave all the required information years ago before our the interview which was last Sep 2010

  72. Comment
    Community Member

    additional processing needs to be reviewed spicaly if it is required for a family case like mine we are waiting for more 8 months and we do not know when it will be finished we are forced to be separated one is here and part of us fare away waiting now & will be waiting with out any feedback about our case.

  73. Comment

    Please don't dilute the thread by pointing to a different URL to post on this topic. Please continue posting only here, that way we don't lose mass.

  74. Comment

    @Abdulazeez:Department of state is more appropriate group as 221g's are given by US consulate.This is reason for posting the another URL

  75. Comment
    Community Member

    It is six months since my H1b visa application was submitted for administrative processing from Chennai Consulate,there seems to be no end to the wait.I have lost a lot in this prolonged process, adding to the agony my son who is autistic and was intervened by specialist in US and was recovering well but now it is all reset and he would have learn things from scratch

    I hope DOS makes quick decisions for all applicants

  76. Comment
    Community Member

    Alright folks,

    I am totally frustrated on this. This is all just seems to be a big trap that we are all in. Its just an another game plan that US come up to make more money and money...but nothing. Recently there is a call from US government that asking Green Card holders to take the Citizenship...don't fool by this as a humanity. The reason behind of this is to collect more money that they want. They do all things for money and power, as they increased the visa fee in the name of boarder security fee…which is meant for Mexico cross boarder issue…for which they charging the entire applicants from rest of the world for the issue of their own.

    I am wondering how could on earth in this age of speed and technology takes months and months for visa processing to be done. Its been 3 months that I have been waiting in tire some, hope less and endless process so called "Admin Processing". The intension seems to keep all the applicants on hold at least for 2-3 months so that they lose job and some local guy can get into. But they are not understanding this is the worst of all the client/company wouldn’t dare to do that as it will results in a big it hit them badly as the project see the resource crunch and business go into mess be’s the target system/software not in place in time.

    Wait for a while and see US will come back and say the unemployment rate is still high even though they are not allowing non-immigrants, at the same time there is huge number of job opening left un filled due to lack of skilled resource... most of people who applying for visa's are well educated and highly skilled...they are not into job looting...the job lose that US seeing in the low skilled area which will be independent of all of this.

    If it’s a security check and required then there gotta be a better system…if you need help go out into the market and find a better service provider to your software and systems to optimize and increase productivity..…but not to harass the people with this mercy killing. Being a developed nation US should have the better process and policies where the rest of world look forward to learn/adapt from you but this is happening in are worse than third world country process.

  77. Comment
    Community Member

    The recent increase in issuing 221g refusal for visa stamping in US consulate (especially in India) greatly affecting professionals and their family.

    Here is my story,

    I am working as a software engineer since 2005 for the same employer on a full time basis.

    I got issued a visa stamping successfully in 2005 and 2008 for the same employer and same job position. Till now there is no change in my employment. Also my employer never breaks any immigration law and paying well as per my LCA.

    But when I went for stamping for my 6th year H1B extn, I got a 221g asking petioner docs.

    My question here USCIS and DOS trusted my employer for the last 6 years and now what did they find suspicious to ask more doc?

    Also I hope USCIS is throughly checking employer and employee who is seeking H1b extension... then why the consulates are asking again the same docs again?

    My suggestion is:

    1. If the person is already working in US and seeking for work visa extn, USCIS should approve after all kind of verification and inform DOS about the case detail. DOS should issue a visa based on USCIS detail / notice.

    2. The real difficulties for the visa applicants who is already working in US is, their family and assets which is already residing in US. If the visa is denied, applicants are facing tough to clear everything in US. This is totally ridiculous and DOS should treat applicants with humanity ...Atleast it should reduce the waiting time for 221g cases ...

    3. Why Visa Officer is not showing any interest in looking at the docs at the time of interview when they decided to issue a 221g? In my case, My company is acquired by another company on 2010 thus the company name got changed, VO was asking about this name change and I was trying to explain what happened and trying to show the proof of name change docs But she is not interested and simply issued a 221g ...

  78. Comment
    Community Member

    Hello everyone,

    I will not repeat my same story but really I am so much disappointed with this system. I am seeking for J1 visa along with J2 for my wife. I can not understand why do they need check on me? J1 itself means that I am bound to return to home country after completing my course. Due to 221g status, I might end up losing my position if I do not join my program with in 1 month. I totally agree with you guys that consular officers in India are using this section in wrong way. Please bring some transperancy in this process and expedite it.

  79. Comment

    With all due respect to the need for 221g, it still seems unfair to a majority of people who have to wait endlessly to get their visa approvals. I have a common muslim name and have been in the US for over 10 years now. I already had this security clearance once back in 2005 when it took 11 months to confirm that I was not the person who the US authorities have been looking for. Now I have applied for a different visa category L1 in Manila and I am being subjected to this check again. Did the first security check not confirm that I am not the same bad person that the US authorities are looking for? I have a pregnant wife and each day we have to get up with this unrealistic hope of receiving some good news but all in vain. Stuck in a third country with an optimism that someone will take the time to go through our files and put an end to this pain and suffering. Really hope someone with authority is reading this forum and understands what pain this 221g is bringing to every individual's life. 50 days and counting... Does the processing really require 11 or so months everytime? Atleast somoene should provide a timely update regarding this processing - what is pending and at what level it is pending with periodic updates.

  80. Comment
    Community Member

    Dear DHS,

    I really dont see any point as why the H4 visas are delayed (by issuing 221 g) due to which husband and wife are forced to stay separate for months. For us its almost 2 months and there are no signs for processing the case.

    I request you to come up for a quick decision for at least H4 visas


  81. Comment

    United States has been a magnetic country in the past so that it attract qualified immigrants so that they made significant contribution to the economy. It is not just because Americans are great , but as a country they attract the best and brightest people and these people have contributed to the technology revolutions which created millions of job. They USA is trying to stop this magnetic effect and saying that we dont need this best people.. Ahhhh - I think as a country USA is looking for directions and finding the light in the darkness. Yes, we need laborers and workers But it wont be enough to add any high end growth. Please think about this. 221(g)as a concept is good but it is seriously affecting hundreds of genuine people. I know many cases for people on 221g , the employers could not find a replacement for the talent and skillset and ultimately the project could fail or outsource completely to countries to India. So what are we really gaining here ?

    Please modernize the policies related to the 221g. Please avoid the bureaucracy and unnecessary delays in 221g

    Please improve the transparency in 221g processing

  82. Comment
    Community Member

    you are right Mr Aneez.America is not just a materialistic country where everyone wants to go to make his life better but it's a place for free living and intellect. And it's ironic but wonderful thing that it is made in such way because of immigrants like we all. But somehow now it is heading to the wrong way and on a long term it will harm america's own interest.

  83. Comment
    Community Member

    Please don't play with our future.Help Us.We hav our home,car n all in US.We were suffering like anything here.

  84. Comment
    Dinesh Reddy

    I guess no one is listening to us :( no action is taken to expedite the process or even to make AP a time bound one

  85. Comment

    my experience has been a little more bizarre my son and wife were put on 221g since dec 28th 2010 for a H4 non immigrant visa.... running a background check even on 4 year olds it seems add more I have been receiving mails every 2 months saying that the case has been processed and we should submit the passports for stamping and when we do they revert back with the same 221g's with the latest stamp dates ...someone is deriving sadistic pleasures of our sufferings

    i thought in US we value and give importance to the concept of family and personal lives...i guess i was wrong

    I perfectly understand security considerations but don't you think 6 months is enough time to prove the innocence of a women with a 4 year old kid !

    If any official is reading this i just want to ask them this question ...imagine yourself in our situation how long can you remain without your kid and family ?

    think about it sir/madam .....

  86. Comment
    Community Member

    I am writing this on behalf of my wife and a little daughter who are denied H4 visa after 221g processing for 4 months and now when they re-applied (after fixing the root cause of earlier denial) they are again given 221g.

    I came to US in July 2010 and my wife and daughter appeared for visa interview early November 2010 and they were given 221g. We submitted all required documents, they asked again for documents, we submitted again and finally the us embassy in new delhi denied the visa in March 2011. The reason of denial was "the employer of perimary applicant not providing qualifying employement". Then I changed my employer to a big software company and joined as full time employee. Recently my family again appearred for interview and given 221g. Does this all make any sense for atleast H4 visa where candidate even can not work in US? It is exactly one year and I am kept separated from family. It was an american company who offerred me a job and called me to US. Why US government does not fix the problem at root level? AND how keeping a husband separate from his wife and daughter going to help to solve any purpose????? If anybody in power reading this, please think about this and take some action please...


  87. Comment
    Community Member

    Dear Sir,

    I have a very similar case. I worked in US for three years from Dec 2007 to March 2011 and came for vacation. I take 3-4 weeks vacation every year and this time i had a new I797 for extension of my petition approved in Dec 2010. In all three years i was contributing to society by volunteering for various causes, donating to charity and absorbing the culture besides providing my primary services as an intellectual resource in IT. I have nothing on my record besides parking and speeding tickets.

    As i was on vacation i left most of my stuff back in US including my car, ad documents, a house on lease, utilities connections etc. as well as my social life with my friends over there.

    I got stuck in 221g and my visa was denied. Why did USCIS approve the extension when embassy has to deny the visa?

    Now i am paying for expenses in US for things that I can not even use. This has caused great financial and mental stress for myself and my friends and family.

    It looks like 221g is being abused rather than used.

    Please do something so that people at embassy make proper judgement before giving out 221G.


  88. Comment
    Community Member

    I was working on h1b in 2010. At that time no one cared about so called " employee employer relationship ". If I continue to work there for next few years no one would care. Its only when you go outside US, consulate starts to investigate whether you are maintaining employee employer relationship. Why doesn't it happen when the person is working in US itself.

    Also before someone decides to go outside US, is there any way he can do basic administrative processing so when he comes outside US , most of the administrative processing is already done and the consulate can decide right away or in max 2-3 weeks time whether this guy should be given visa or not.

    Why only when someone goes outside US , you guys start asking about employee employer relationship. This is a "gotcha" policy. I don't want a job in US. Please let me know in 2-3 weeks time whether I can go or not. We have to go through frustrating times. The decision making process of embassies is super slow.

    I guess consulates themselves need outsourcing to expedite their process. I will be happy to work for them to expedite such process by quitting my current job. Atleast I will be able to help others.

    Once a guys on h1b goes outside US and gets a reject he has to take care of his belongings such as car, apartment. This policy sucks big time.

  89. Comment

    I went interview on 14 April 2011 visa application for B1B2,I'm in the same boat, stuck in 221g processing from the past 3 months. whenever I email/call them its the same answer that its under processing and really hate to hear that answer. There should be a deadline of when the consulate should respond (maybe 30-45 days) but being in this uncertainty is really disappointing and disturbing. I cannot concentrate on anything - job, family, health, travel etc. I hope DOS considers this idea as one of the top priority one.

  90. Comment
    Dinesh Reddy

    I doubt that is this forum really belongs to homeland security?? this issue is ranked number 1 but no one is giving a damn about it. I wonder they intentionally doing this so that all H1bs loose their jobs and then Obama can say "unemployment rate is decreased"

  91. Comment
    Community Member

    I agree ..This site does not have a .gov extension. No one really bothers about what we say here except the persons who have gone through the similar situation..


  92. Comment

    This current Appointment Wait Times


    All applicants are processed as efficiently as possible and the U.S. Embassy strives to keep the wait time for appointments as short as possible. That said, the earlier you book your appointment, the more likely you are to be able to get the interview date and time you want.

    Nonimmigrant visa applicants are encouraged to apply at least three (3) months in advance of the intended date of travel. So remember, apply early

    my suggestion better change from 3 month to 1 year in advanve .

  93. Comment
    Community Member


    What suggestion do you have for someone who comes out of US for vacation and has to go for stamping to re-enter . Can he wait for 3 month to 1 year ???

    That was a great joke nabil7277.

  94. Comment

    There should be a deadline for this. Applicants have to suffer so much because of this..

  95. Comment
    Community Member

    I have a approved i797 petition till 2014,but still really scared to go to my home country..this is frustrating and affecting genuine plp like me.I have not seen my family in 5 yrs.If they r not approving EVC model..then they should ban all consulting and vendor companies...instead they approve their petition and rejects when we go to our home country with all our belongings left here...I hate myself for moving to this country 7 yrs back..

  96. Comment
    Community Member

    Why did USCIS approve the extension when embassy has to deny the visa?This is really dumb...There should be a stamping facility inside US .

  97. Comment
    Community Member

    After going through so many comments and other forums, all i can say folks its been very risky to visit our home country if you have only approved visa not stamped. Specially H4 people, I am truly sympathized with you, it is very cheap step from the embassy officer to hold the spouse in home country so the principal applicant either move back or suffer the pain. All these such type of efforts will take the USA in more hate of people.

  98. Comment
    Community Member

    In my case, I was promised by the VO to issue a visa and they just needed some additional information. Then they directed me to another window where I was handed over a Pink 221g form. Using the case number, I checked the status. To my surprise the status server seemed to have crashed!!!. Below is the error message.

    ---------Error message begins------------------

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'

    [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot open database '(unknown)'. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.

    /Delhi/nd.asp, line 106

    -----------error message ends---------------

    I am wondering why day after day the US professionalism is disappearing. Called VFS many times, they have absolutely no clue as well.

  99. Comment
    A MA

    To the poster of above comment, I have contacted white house while I was undergoing this painful process in Jan this year. I did not got any reply. While they may not respond but they will surely read it. If only few people write to them they may not take a notice of the issue unless a large number of people write to them. Its all about statistics you know. If one person in a million suffer nobody cares but if few thousand in a million is significant.

  100. Comment
    Community Member

    In my case, i already have valid B1, but still while applying for L1, i was put under 221g. I fail to understand the logic behind it, especially when I am more than 14 years in this IT field. I certainly agree on security aspect but process needs to be transparent.

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    Community Member

    I have gone through the same harrowing experience while going to re validate my H1B visa. All of my documentations were perfect. Although when I went to the counter the officer seemed more than keen to hand over the pink slip as she had it ready at the start of my interview and after scrutinizing my documents gave me 221g and asked me to visit the other counter where i was asked more questions on my past experience and whether I travelled to some other countries. Am still waiting till Administrative Processing completes. Unfortunately our lives are at stake . We have rents ,utility bill and our jobs in limbo. This is unfair. I believe there should be a reasonable SLA atleast 2 weeks not more than that. Efficiency in processing needs to improve . If required they should hire more resources but not play around with our life and career which would also be detrimental to the companies we work for whose operations also get effected tremendously. We are being penalized and subject to such unfair treatment for nothing. We do appreciate the procedure but not the inordinate delay involved in the procedure and high time someone takes due regard of our plea and addresses our concern and fixes the bottlenecks in this Administrative Processing process.

    Our lives seem to be at the mercy of such Consular/Admin Processing . I guess this is getting little inhuman now as they have no concern for our grievances and problems we are facing. I am all broke just on the verge of getting Mental now as this is extreme torture for no fault of ours :-(.

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    Community Member

    I guess the Consulate takes enough time to approve the petitions and all this verification being done now should be part of the petition approval that way this double verification and delay could be avoided. Also if done from the initial stage during petition approval would be much more efficient and wise since we cannot get affected and if there is any genuine issue found either the candidate could be deported or resolved if its a false alert.

    After coming for vacationing if we have to face this kind of harassment then our entire vacation , our jobs and our lives (including family and employer) is jeopardized.

    Hope Immigration Services understands our grievance in the right perspective and do justice to fix the bottlenecks in the current process(which is appreciated but the long delay is not as it hampers our lives).

    Please Let us Make Those Changes At the Earliest for Good...!!

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    we are all in the same traumatic experience for my spouse H4 case pending since 28th dec , the case has been cleared thrice and every time they ask to submit passport and every time with a new 221g , i contacted senator(Dick Durban) and their staff had been kind enough to ask the consulate 4 times(they wait for 60 days every time before making another query) might be different for other senators office , in June engaged a attorney and has been following the case case is so unique and messed that the AILA is taking as an example for their next meeting with DoS ....the funny part is that even my 4 yr old son was subjected to Admin Processing before they finally granted him visa after 100 days .....

    ......inallaha ma sabireen is all we say and carry on with life ....honestly i really dont want to continue this torture i just ask the D0S adjudicate it if its DENIAL then please do it and free from this torture ....and just for making myself clear background or secuirty check is a plain LIE because this is torture using some stupid process justification

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    I never thought in USA that too in this modern technology world some process can take 100 days with still in progress. On top of it there is no set deadline. Every thing has some kind of tracking status but 221g is one area where there is no progress status. Even a green card which is currently has a waiting period of 8+year has a progress bar. The only concern for me why dont we let know what is happening behind the screen.

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    Community Member

    Dear Personnel at Homeland Security,

    Most of us are live pay cheque to pay cheque and remaining jobless for months together, away from families is a real pain. As much as we understand that our pain and agony comes only next to your national security,all we request you is to at the least be transparent and tell us how long this process takes because that will help us will find alternative solutions to our respective problems interim, like vacating the appartments, selling the vehicles, talking loans or finding another job temporarily or resigning the job, relocating the families etc etc etc depending on how long it takes. It is very hard to anticipate some thing every day when it is not happening for months together. Our livelihoods are dependent on the jobs we do.

    Also, if a person can stay in the US with out a stamp and continue with the work, why not the process be done while that person is in the US and be working? And yeah ofcourse if any one is proven guilty he/she can be deported.We know how important it is for you to get this process done, but all we ask for is to let us work while this process is being done. Please have some mercy on us. It is very very difficult be jobless after finding a job for no fault of ours despite working hard and having lived a good life.

    Shahid Mohammed

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    I went through this nightmare for about 3 months just recently.

    Someone started a petition with the White House to fix this issue:!/petition/fix-administrative-processing-process-visa-stamping/tQ5h36P9

    Collecting the signatures may help to get our grief to be heard by someone.

    Keep faith,


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    Daria Camargo

    My case is a bit different. I am the US citizen. I married a Colombian man and was put into AP(administrative Processing) 1 month ago(CR1 spousal visa). The stress and depression this has causes is immense. Being apart from the man I love and want nothing more than to be with him is so hard. I understand there are "high risk" countries and you want to be 100% sure of the people we bring in to the US. I get that but months? Years? How can you do that to people? We already went through a years of checks, paperwork, money, and interviews and were told everything checks out....Why more? can't tell us that because of fear of discrimination. You do name searches on people JUST because they have a common muslim name or just because they come from Colombia....Isn't that the same thing as singling people out because of skin color? or religion? or country of origin? I would call that discrimination and nobody deserves that especially when the majority of the people put into AP are GOOD people. My husband is 23(as am I) He has a bachelors in business that means he has been a student since he was 18 and was in high school before that...He has never done anything wrong but to work hard on his education is that a crime? What I ask is for is to be told a good reason as to why my husband is in AP....and to be given a timelimit on our wait. If you told me "Your husband is in AP because we got a hit on his name and we are working that out it should take 90 days or less" I would be happy but sitting here in the dark is the hardest part. I mean i;m no stranger to waiting i've done it for almost two and a half years(the first year of courtship and the year of waiting for interview and now AP) but just to have something to look forward to. A small sliver of hope would help so much. I mean I dropped out of school because I can not handle the stress anymore. Working, school, taking care of my 3 year old, all the cooking, and the cleaning. It became too much for me to handle after thinking my husband would be with me shortly after his interview and now being told I have to wait(without a reason) from 2 weeks to a year and maybe more. I'm sorry but that is ridiculous. Please adopt a new way of doing this that is not so discriminatory. Give us dates and reasons

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    I can understand the need to verify the documents, but most of the time... it's just issued for no valid reason. I have gone with W2s, Employment Verification letter and all valid documents they may need. Instead the consulate asked me for list of H1 employees from my company in my state. This document is not even listed as a requirement there. My H1-B was approved 3 months back... I was working. I have a house in US. I have car loan and everything and they just want to delay it. Come on... what if I lose job because of the delay... who is going to pay for mortgage, car loan if I am not working. I don't understand... this way they are hurting their economy. People don't work during that time... and they don't get replaced right away, they don't get salary... they don't pay taxes. Will a US consulate be ready to do the same? Sitting and Waiting without salary for 2-4 months? Also, there is no consistency in issuing these and I would like some one from the Government to take a look at this. This hurts economy. It affects employee, employer, everyone's productivity.

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    I am a victim of 221g additional administrative processing also, for last couple of months. I have all my possessions back in US, and paying my insurance, bills, rent and car payments. But the main reason behind this, is because of the immense abuse of the visa system by our very indian employers. They run a company like its a small pan shop, hire employees and dont pay them on bench, no proper process in the company, no company policies, some dont even have offices. This is pathetic and came to the notice of US immigration. Even small outsourcing companies in India, have proper process, and policies. I dont blame the employees at all, who knowingly or unknowingly join these staffing companies. Now the USCIS is verifying the credentials of companies like these. Unfortunately this process of verifying all these items, sometimes including the security and background check takes a few months. In my opinion if there is no response for more than 6 months, it means visa is denied, no need to waste your life waiting for it.

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    Hi.I am a U.S citizen and have applied for my Fiance''s visa in summer of 2010, she got her appointment letter in June 2011 and she went. After the interview she has been in Administrative Process, its been over 4 months and we have no idea what is going on! Imagine putting your life on hold, no answers. We both are Muslim and I just hope it isn't because of race/religion. I hope this gets resolved quick my the Government. Good Luck to all of you! God Bless America.. the Best Place in the World!

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    Here is Immigration Lawyer Hasan Abdullah speaking about the ridiculous 221g process and its experiences with the consulting companies.

    There is definitely something going on in the consulates. 221g is a more than a regular thing.

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    Hi friends, my wife applied from USA in in 2009 my CR1 category, I got my visa interview in 2010 July. my passport is submitted in embassy after 221G AP on July 2010, till date no revert and passport stuck too. away from my wife since 2.8 yrs guys. hope no body is here who can say that he/she is waiting since long ?

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    yes. i agree. i personally am going through this pain and suffering. my wife is stuck in a foreign country with the admin processing. Please streamline the process and provide a clear online update tool on the case. thank you

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    When I applied for H1b visa from Ottawa, Canada I was put under 221(g) administrative processing which took 3 months to clear. Now a week ago I applied for H1b visa again from Calgary, Canada and again I am under 221(g). In between my visa application I was in the USA working. I am not sure how the processing in my case will help DHS but wasting their time what they can use solving other issues

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    221g administrative processing in my opinion is very ridiculous process

    1 There are no Timelines

    2 There is no clarity on why they are putting on us on hold

    3 Why do they approve H1B in the first place ( for 6000$ ??? ) . they could have reject or put a RFE right then

    4 Not allowing the people to enter back and sell there stuff and settle there property's ??? what kind of law is this ...

    5 If there are no timeline how do they expect the employer to hold on to the employee who got into this issue . If they issue the visa after few months what good will it do ?

    6 how is it OK to work with same H1B in US and but this is turns out be an issue when you travel out . how long do you think we can stay without seeing familys

    i am not sure why this issue has not been raised and brought to attention of BIG heads.. please take you time get awareness of how serious this issue is for the people who travel

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      Someone from the US immigration or AILA should take the question no 6 seriously.

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    while most people think that premium fee will help expedite the process this in fact is not going to add any change (remember that everyone wants to know the status as soon as possible and I feel that at least 80% will go for premium). Ideal way should be doing all kinds of security checks or whatever the processing during the H1B application.

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