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Federalize or Deputize the Contract Security Force

I have been reviewing the lastest news concerning the contract guard force. I believe if we do one or the other, it will help further the training needed to have a better qualified force.

1. There are many no fee programs offered to Law Enforcement personnel but none to the guard force. With being Federalize/Dupitize they will have access to all Government Training Programs. Right now they lack the opputunity to participate in these courses. These courses are only offered to law enforcement personnel only, but most of the Guard Force are front line personnel, who need this training more than the public police agencies; that recieve grant money from

2. Federalize/Deputize will give a clear cut understanding of job responsibilies for all government locations across the board. This will have all forces operating within all federal laws and guidelines. These contract guards do have limited authority already, at certain locations.

3. I believe the cost would be much lower than the 30 percent increase that was thrown out in the front. Each site has different pay scales, even if they are blocks away from each other. Therefore regional pay would be the same for all, which might be a savings at some facilites.



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