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Have you ever thought that some citizens might have very valuable ideas and strategies to offer. People who have backgrounds and experiences that may have a different view on security situations to offer, take this example. A person who was born 1951 and grew up in N.Ireland amidst the conflict with the British army against the IRA, the UDR in conflict with Police, terrorist splinter groups at war between themselves and so on,then had the sence to get out and immagrate to Canada in 1971 (U.S. immagration was impossible) where he went on to work for the major airline, where he had one of the airlines highest security clearence for airline opperations, traveling the world and learning how others live, took early retirement when he moved to the United States where he worked in customer service and security (in a management capasity) for one of the major hotel chains in the world. Well I hope I made my point.



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