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DHS needs to improve its hiring methods. It seems that the department is missing opportunities to recruit and hire qualified candidates. There are many individuals who have an education in national security and could bring new ideas to agency yet these people are excluded from consideration based entirely on how they answer a questionaire during the application process on The entire application process is difficult and if you don't understand "government" descriptions it is exceptionally difficult to understand anything.

If you are serious about recruiting quality candidates then the process needs to be revised. I understand that has undergone changes, unfortunately these changes have not actually helped.


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    Jarrett Wold

    As a software developer I fully support the idea that using websites for screening is about 75% effective, it screens out 75% of the relevant talent.

    I think a study group, find some random people hook them up with pizza and monitor how they use the website to apply for a routine job. You can stick a camera behind them or use desktop monitoring software to capture the workflow.

    Either way a random pool of people who have not used the site. A non-monetary incentive to participate (re: pizza) and you have yourself a lot of data on how, when and where people have problems on your site, and the percentage of abandonment and completion rate.

    The key is doing this in person, if it's just a web questionnaire you defeat the purpose of it.

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    As most know, OPM controls much of the hiring policies. Gov agencies cannot go off and develop their own HR systems. In fact, I believe it is not standard enough. DoD has different processes within each branch of service, each with a unique database and website. Next thing will be, ICE, CG, CBP, FEMA will all want their own website hiring tool and database. As a taxpayer, I vote nay.

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    While revising the Federal hiring process is not in DHS's control, I do STRONGLY agree that the process is very onerous, difficult, confusing, and offputting to strongly qualified candidates. I hope that this feedback can be used to urge another revision of the hiring process. We need the best people we can get!

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