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After years of disaster preparedness education, only about 50% of the population has indicated they have engaged in some kind of preparedness activity. More must be done to reach and motivate people.

One method, not currently in widespread use, is to involve property management organizations in the preparedness process.

Property managers represent an administrative connection to buildings or communities and their residents, for which they provide services. They are a natural conduit for preparedness education and emrgency response education programs.


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    Jarrett Wold

    This is a crux issue, and a fundamental one. If you were to go door to door, and check smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, and whether or not the residence had an appropriate fire extinguisher.

    That is how basic on preparedness we must begin, duct taping windows is for later.

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    Hi disasterwiz!

    I tottaly agree with what you present, however I believe the % of those that actually engage, is worse at only 10% active in preparedness activity. This is not just here in the states, but worldwide as a avg;


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    Disasaster preparedness on live radio, coupled with web networking provides a place for interacting with people, property mangagers especially. But not just any old radio show; CTR Construction Talk Radio. Education thruough entertainment.

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