Delivering Integrated EMI training to the public hlth workforce


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Delivering Integrated EMI training to the public health workforce – a simple fix

States and organizations responsible for maintaining records for required Emergency Management Institute (EMI) courses report that they are spending approximately a quarter of a million dollars annually to manually integrate completion information into TRAIN (, which serves over 50% of the public health workforce in the United States. In addition, the time lags and incomplete recordkeeping created by this manual process is not reflecting accurate numbers from a management perspective of knowing what NIMS training the public health workforce has completed. At a time when there are severe budget crises throughout the nation and reports, such as that released by Trust for America’s Health (Ready or Not? – December 15, 2009), continue to highlight that we are not as prepared as a nation as we need to be.

There exists an opportunity for the public health and safety communities and EMI to assure a better prepared workforce, increase efficiencies in training, and coordinate training within and throughout states. By delivering EMI training through TRAIN, the 22 states and the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) who currently use TRAIN to manage the training (web-based and classroom-based) of their learners, will efficiently deliver and track training, assure successful completion of training, identify future training needs within their jurisdictions, and serve as a model to other federal, state, and local jurisdictions. Other states and organizations interested in coordinating with the TRAIN network could more easily integrate with the EMI data. With cooperation from EMI, this can be accomplished today, at no cost to EMI but will benefit states and preparedness of our nation.


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    I very much disagree with using TRAIN as a political forum by posting your comment on the Announcement page. TRAIN is supposed to assist us with a management system for training and conferences, not to make political statements.

    You have made me think a lot less of TRAIN by what you have done. I hope you will remove this information from TRAIN and keep the site as it was intended.

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