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Employer-Employee relationship

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A lot of visa applications for stamping outside United States are being left in pending (Additional Administrative Processing) including mine or being denied. The primary reason for this is from my view the cases are undergoing verification for employer-employee relationships described in USCIS memorandum in 2009. However all these petitions are approved after 2009 or even in 2011, and inspite of that the Consulates are again verifying these petitions. The problem is this verification is taking such a long time that even genuine employees with genuine employers are now being left without any employers. I think the USCIS should in first place not approve these petitions in case of any doubt, or require the employer to file for renewal or apply for some kind of yearly re-approvals by the employers themselves. That way the beneficiaries or employees wont be harassed by these waiting times when they visit home countries. United States being a country that boasts of values and ideals that a different from other countries, where individual liberties are protected,country that fights for justice for the individuals (no matter they are citizens or not) is completely ignoring it with respect to work visas. The employees are left in home countries, without any attorney to represent us, or any compensation from either the employer or the USCIS/DHS for this delays.



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