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Empowering citizens to help first responders help them

The official recognition of a simple system that allows communication between survivors/nonsurvivors and first responders in aftermath of a disaster, when a disaster alert is issued (hurricane, tornado, etc...) the citizens in the affected area that cannot evacuate prepare as they normally do but add one step, tag children w/solid red lights, women w/solid green lights, men w/solid blue lights. Once the disaster passes the surviving citizens change their lights to a flashing selection to indicate their survival, location and group makeup. We now can utilize the 12 hrs of the 24 we currently do not. Responders could now do night time flyovers and gather information to preplan first light rescue operations. For non survivors teams go out and make note of locations before batteries go out. In today’s world survivors wait for the morning to get on rooftops and wave and then wait out the night to do it again the next day. Rescuers go blindly searching door to door. With this system no one has to hand out lights, people equip themselves, even use their phone screens, the elderly/disabled in disaster prone areas could be pre-equipped through programs. The only thing that needs to be done is recognize the illuminated color coded system and educate first responders/citizens to utilize it during disasters. A free phone app that could be used with short or no warning is called Disaster ID, it does not depend on external power of functioning towers. For the day time, using signal panels like the VS17 as indicators of survivor’s locations should be considered. Inexpensive/visible 24/7


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