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Expedited Removal for Canadians

Canada and the US have recently tightned the border and therefore, implementing new rules that citizens of both countries are not aware of. I've been travelling back and forth (being a mere 30 minues from the US border) for my whole life. I then decided to do school in the States and unknowingly overstayed my visa by 5 months. I went home to Canada and came back through the border and wasn't let in. The officer thought I was lying when I didn't know my visa exired and 6.5 hours later, I was given a lifetime ban from the US. Because I didn't answer the officer correctly, I had to drop out of school and my career path is ruined because I'm in consulting and not being able to go 30 minutes away from my house is going to make it very difficult to visit potential clients.


I understand measures have to be put in place but I believe that anyone given an expedited removal should be allowed to see a judge, be given access to a lawyer on the spot and be given options from CIS if they wish to challenge their case. I don't have money for a lawyer (being a student) but I borrowed money to pay for it. She didn't know the waiver options or appeal options.. which an appeal has to be done within 30 days (this happend 5 months ago now) so I'm SOL. I also called homeland security and Dept of justice and was told they are not allowed to provide legal advice.. including letting me know what forms are available.


Because this is a new process and I know I won't be the last innocent student at the border who gets an expedited removal, can you please make a suggestion to please inform people of their options, please implement a thicker review guideline before implementing ERs (I'm suprised that one young CBPs actions are keeping me banned for life, not keep people in customs for over a certain period of time without some sort of council, explain people their rights (a police officer tells people their rights, why not have the same at the border). I would prefer the ER process be removed completly but if its going to stay, please provide people with what an ER is and their options.


Thank you



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