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Information from the phone contact system is not always up-to-date about cases. Need to improve it to provide the actual/current status of cases. Applications take a long time at the USCIS Office, but there is a tool where one can check the status of a case online. We need to have a similar online tool to check status of cases that are at the NVC. It should give a general ideas on where in the process a case is.


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    My name is Consuelo, I’m a USA Citizen. I’m here to tell you that we need the Immigration Reform Now. My family is suffering separation because of the current immigration laws. My husband went to his immigration interview at Ciudad Juarez on September 23, 2008 and he was denied US Residency because he entered twice illegally to the USA. The first time he enter he was only 14(1998) years old, he went back to Mexico when he was 17 years old and returned to the USA when he was 18(2001) years old. He was never caught by immigration, but on his interview he told the truth. We did not have an attorney to tell my husband to lie about his entrance to the USA.

    I have 2 daughters; my oldest daughter is 11 years old and her father is a US citizen. I married my husband in July 2007 and we have a daughter that will turn 2 years old on February 14. My husband already missed her first birthday and he is about to miss her second birthday. I have been to Mexico 4 times since he left and I’m currently pregnant.

    I feel frustrated; there is nothing I can do to help my husband to return with us. Everyone tells him to pay person to help him cross the border again, but we do not want to break the law. We rather wait for the Immigration Law to change, a Law that will unite my family and many more. It’s unhuman to separate families.

    Please help my family to reunite. I need my husbands support, I can not support my daughters by myself and I need my husband during my pregnancy. Thank you


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    The immigration law is worse, even for families who have entered US legally, lived in US legally, paid taxes regularly, worked in US continuously we are waiting here in home countries to visit families, and take care of our possessions in US. Immigration law needs to be fair and balanced.

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