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Implement IdeaFactory for DHS Employees

I know that the DHS Secretary has announced that we would have IdeaFactory up and running by 1/11/10, but it has never been rolled out. If there are technical issues or labor issues with certain components, roll it out to the rest. We are anxiously awaiting our opportunity to submit ideas to make DHS a better place to work. If you are able to get this system up and running, why can't we get IdeaFactory rolled out?


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    As new program roll outs go, IdeaFactory is a low risk effort with very high return potential. Already in place at TSA (the DHS cradle of IdeaFactory), this idea harvesting tool has grown through adolescence to become a polished employee interface. It is this site (OpenHomelandSecurity) and more. Since we're already referencing it in other communications and pushing our employee's to submit improvement ideas on it ... shouldn't we go ahead and enable it? Is DHS leadership fully cognizant of the current delay?

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    Mentioned this in another idea, but reiterating here...This is very much dependent on the support of all stakeholders, particularly leadership but also employees themselves. If the problem is with the unions, obviously employees have issues with it and there isn't full support. I believe there are some technical issues too; thus, maybe a lack of or not effectively managed resources. Regardless, if leadership really cared about this, there should be a greater push to resolve whatever issues are holding up its rollout.

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