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Many organizations have improved their operations a great deal by encouraging their employees to contribute improvement ideas. If it is made easy, fast and the ideas get implemented the majority of employees will have ideas to contribute. The DHS has a trained, experienced workforce, let's give them a way to contribute their ideas for improvement. Let's set an expectation that all DHS personnel will watch for opportunities to improve the processes and procedures used to help create a safer environment for the country. Then give them a way to contribute those ideas for improvement, and give recognition for their efforts. Those thousands of "base hits" will combine to help plug the current holes in our security and create a safer United States.


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  1. Comment
    Terrence Hill

    We have such a system ready to go - IdeaFactory - which has been used by TSA to solicit ideas from employees for almost 3 years. We just need to implement the system, which is all tested and ready to go.

  2. Comment
    Jarrett Wold

    I'm just going to throw up a signal flare, remember that government agencies, aren't for profit businesses.

    Taking ideas that work in the private sector and sticking them into civil service, has a high attrition rate IMHO.

  3. Comment

    This is very much dependent on the support of all stakeholders, particularly leadership but also employees themselves. If leadership doesn't seem to care enough about its people with or without such a tool/way to vet ideas, employees will not care to submit ideas in the first place. Moreover, ideas cannot move forward if there are not enough or the right people to execute the process.

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