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I am an emergency manager and a member of the Central Massachusetts Homeland Security Advisory Council so the self-improvement concept that lies behind these sessions is of critical importance. It is extremely frustrating to see so few posts being anywhere near on the current topic of how we can better involve NGOs, non-federal, and citizen groups in the defense of our homeland. When I look back at the web-set I notice that the specific topic for this particular session is not spelled out. Obviously a huge number of people want to take this opportunity to layout their particular pet-peeve in front of the federal government - and they need a communication path to do that - but we need to aggressively attack the real problems that have been assigned to DHS and do it in small pieces like this one - how to involve non-federal teams in support of the DHS charter.


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    I am in charge of trying to find grants through Homeland Security. I realize that are only elegible to State Adminstrative Agencys (SAA)but when I finally found a source within my own state (which is where we are directed to go from the Dept.of Homeland Security) to email and inquire about this as an nonprofit organization that can provide needed help to law enforcement agencies, I was informed by my Emergency Managment Council for Homeland Security to contact the home of Dept of Homeland Security which is where I started from in the first place! How are we, the public, supposed to get through the red tape if they just pass us back and forth! We need better accessabiltiy.

    My thought for improvement on this site is to be able to contact some of the people making the comments if we are interested or can use their services, ideas or help. Even if it is by confidential contact and they can decide whether to give out personal emails. That would help in providing open government.

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    I am a member of Cal EMA in a committee called EPAW (Emergency Partnership Advisory Workgroup) During regular meetings that are supposed to be 'public', I see very few public partners, if any! I have been trying to share my idea for an interactive radio communications effort, CTR, for years. I had even asked a director if EPAW had come up with any better idea than mine so I could "shut up". She said 'no', but still the committee has gone nowhere in 5 years. I agree, the 'input', is rediculous. There needs to be a platform made available to the public that makes the PSA, a part of government disaster education service. That platform needs to stem from the building industry. The people who build things, and who rebuild things after an incident. This web site would be made much better, if the web master would contact calcounties, calchambers, and the builders exchanges in an effort to network ideas. The idea here is great, however the feedback is terrible.

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    Hi EMA,

    You hit the nail right on the head with this one. I am having some success working with emergency managers not only from the United States but worldwide in discussing lessons learned thus far in the involvement of citizens participation. Directly pertinent to your idea, is an online interactive Internet radio program called EM Connection. I am thinking of adding an hour or 2 per day, to discuss ideas such as yours, and others from this site. Although posting ideas is a major step forward in gaining participation from all parties concerned, adding the open discussion component takes it to the next level. This is not a commercial venture in any way shape or form (Internet radio program) it is 100% volunteer driven by myself and several emergency managers from around the world. I would like to invite you to consider participation in one or more of the shows to discuss your idea, get feedback from fellow emergency managers, and provide those results to other emergency managers and interested citizens for mutual benefit of all parties concerned.

    Thank you for your idea!

    Please send me an e-mail on how to contact you to this invite is also extended to anyone wishing to participate. I will respond with how to dial in to the show.

    Warmest regards,

    Steven Longmire

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