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I believe making the public more aware of possible terrorist and/or terrorist threats will assist budget and personnel strapped law enforcement agencies to leverage off the public sector.

Shows like, "Americas Most Wanted", have assisted law enforcement in catching criminals. Request you explore using this type of medium to let people know, you need help.

Other Public awareness programs are: Crime Stoppers (which offer awards), tiplines, and Billboards announcements.

Putting out information vice having them search for information, will keep the public informed plus, make people more aware of possible terrorism/crime.


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    It is very difficult to locate a source to apply for a government grant. The grant that we would like to address states that only our State Administrative Agency (SAA)is allowed to apply for that grant. I have contacted the SAA and that agency referred me back to the home of Dept of Homeland Security which is where I started in the first place while researching grants. How is a nonprofit organization supposed to find the right contact for a grant opportunity when we are passed back and forth? I believe we can be of help with the terrorist problems in regard to first responders and the necessary equipment to deal with "dirty bombs". I would appreciate any assistance. My title is Grant Coordinator and that is my fulltime job. I have been searching everyday since Dec. 7 ("a day that shall live in infamy")and haven't been able to connect. I have read and reread many articles on the need for public help and support, please help us help you.

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    Jarrett Wold

    I think the difficulty here, would be avoiding hordes of people calling about their arabic neighbors, doing strange things.

    Terrorism comes in all forms KKK bombings of churches, the Assassination of JFK, Columbine and so forth.

    However, the overwhelming perception when you start looking for terrorists is of "people with brown skin".

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    It's also important to report on the failures of the system: false arrests, success/failure rate of suspended habeous corpus activities in gaining evidence, and the positive and negative performance of searches or warrentless wiretapping. The public should know in-situ about the statistics around questionable (put in the nicest way) activities such as extraordinary rendition. These government policies shouldn't be secret.

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    Live interactive local radio is a proven method of networking disaster education. This coupled with internet is a powerful influence for preparedness. But not some radio station employee; No. Professionals on local radio. I speak of the building industry. CTR, or Construction Talk Radio providing a portal for free tips and building tricks, along with what it takes to prepare and/or rebuild ANYTHING. A place for any entity to provide educational input via telephone, from anywhere in the Nation. "When EF Hutton speaks,...."

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    I am not sure why you are so fixated on terrorism, for all intents and purposes terrorism events are so small that it exists only in DHS's overreaction to it. (Compare the number of people killed by terrorists to those killed for money or by drunk driving.) All that a propaganda campaign would do, is create fear in the gullible. Which I guess was your plan in order to get more money and personal reallocated from addressing actual crimes and issues to agencies proven to have no effectiveness like TSA. (Never caught a _single_ terrorist!)

    To see an example of where this silliness can go, notice that although child abduction and stranger-danger cases are down, uninformed parents are freaking out more and more because every single case becomes nation wide news.

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    John Rivera ( Idea Submitter )

    jdover28, If you had read my recommendation, I stated that we can use shows like "Americas Most Wanted" to include criminals of terrorism. The fight against terrorism doesn't only belong to DHS but to everyone in law enforcement. Getting the word out to citizens about criminals and terrorism can increase the chances of these people getting caught. We don't care who catches criminals or terrorist as long as they are stopped from committing their crimes. Would you rather have concerned parents or criminals and terrorist commiting crimes?

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