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Preparation is Not a Dirty Word

DHS needs to put out comprehensive instructions for preparing for different disasters. Natural and man-made disasters occur someplace daily but those who would prepare are characterized as crazy people. The job of helping after any sort of disaster is improved if victim's are not in a state of total devestation. The only way that can be avoided is to prepare in advance. We Americans are not used to having to prepare, therefore guidance is necessary. The guide currently available on the DHS website is inadequate for an event lasting 3 days. Our local redcross advisor was ill prepared when the hurricans hit a few years ago, illustrating the need for guidance.


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    I completely agree. I was apart of two hurricanes while living on the gulf coast. People are always ill prepared, because they are ill advised. This sickness of humanity that we are all living through is directly caused by us not being properly prepared. It was quite difficult to go and live in a city where there is no grocery store, meaning no food, no electricity, no running water. I really wish that all of the government agencies could work together to find real solutions for all of us. We can not fix the world, but we can try to help all with unconditional love and care. We do not have to agree with all ideas, but at least let us have some input on how our government and money works for us. It's time for a new era of love instead of continuing the era of FEAR. Fear mongering should have left the office with W, but it still continues. We are a nation of IMMIGRANTS. I feel like we should start regulating it, instead of denying it. Every other nation has very specific standards for getting into the country to obtain citizenship. You usually just can't walk in and out of other democratic countries without someone realizing that you are working and living in their country. It is time for all of us to wake up and realize that we have put ourselves in this situation and we must find a solution to make this a better country. Cheap Labor needs to be eliminated, lets focus on education, instead of money for once in our history.

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    nikki ( Idea Submitter )

    If anyone is watching the news then they would see a prime example of why pre-planning is necessary and why guidance is necessary to do it correctly. The heavy snow enveloping the east U.S. was a surprise. They get snow there but usually not this much so most people didn't prepare. Once everyone started talking about how big the storm might be some rushed out to stock up. The supermarket shelves are shown bare on television. I'm willing to bet that no thought was given to cooking all that food without electricity. If those residents had been practicing preparedness already then they would have only had to add to previous preparations once the storm was announced. Meanwhile state governments that are already financially stretched thin are rushing to restore electricity and allow food in. The situation wouldn't be so urgent if residents had been given guidance on how to prepare.

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    Preparation is not difficult. Preparation is an individual responsibility not a responsibility at any level of government or NGO. Purchase a Boy Scout manual of any year for the past 60 and you will know how to be prepared. FEMA, Red Cross and etc. give basic outlines and advice. It is your individual responsibility to expand and elaborate on the guidelines. If three days are not enough, plan for six. Most of what you would need is already in your home. Think of a disaster as a 2 week camping trip and supply yourself and family appropriately.

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    nikki ( Idea Submitter )


    I agree that the tools to prepare are available to those willing to spend some time looking. Preparing for a large scale disaster such as a hurricane requires more than a boy scout manual. I was prepared because I have a family to think of. However, it is better if my neighbors are prepared as well and most people don't know where or how to start the process. I don't think the government should be responsible for making sure that people are prepared but they should put the information out. Disaster prep is more complicated than a camping trip because you can't just come back to civilization.

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    Christopher Perkins

    Thanks nikki i have started a program for this very reason, our country has not givin proper instruction for being ready. Back in the 50's& 60's I remember when the air raid sounded we all acted depending on the emergency. All they do in the schools now is fire drills and there should be more.

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    There are a plethora of preparedness guidelines published by FEMA for just about every disaster scenario. Please remember that personal responsibility should be stressed here as the government does not, and will never, have sufficient resources to take care of everyone in a major disaster.

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    If more people would go to sites like, FEMA, and more to prepare themselves, they would know what to do. Also local, county, and state emergency managers need to get more information and public awareness going.

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    The Department of Homeland Security already has a site devoted to the preparation for multiple types of both natural and manmade disasters. provides multiple suggestions for preparation of almost any type of disaster. This site was developed and released after the Katrina debacle. The Federal Emergency Management Agency also maintains information on their site for disaster preparedness. Another excellent source of hurricane preparedness information can be found on the Weather Channels Website. I completely agree with you on the fact that more information is needed, how to plan, what to keep, etc. These are good resources to start with though. DHS could possibly provide better information, however their is only so much you can preplan for. My family and I lived through 5 hurricanes in one year in Florida. It was very annoying, not having electricity or fuel for vehicles, no A/C, etc... This was all before Katrina and the inception of the site.

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    Preparation needs to be 'sustainable' in real time in an interactive forum that allows anyone, anywhere, access to information and networking from THEIR primary location; HOME. It needs to be an informational, educational and entertaining format that has more to offer than simple 'readiness'. It needs to be afordable, and inclusive to all members of society. And it needs to be optional, for there will always be those who choose not to join. CTR or Construction Talk Radio, is that resource. A true public private partnership which allows national participation from the local level. Live am radio and internet branches all organizations, dignitaries, private enterprises, in an infrastructure that already exists. How can I make such a comment? Because I have already proved it in Northern California. See the idea 'CTR' and make your comment.

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