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Protection From Homeland Security

When this was created under Bush they hired the most mentally unstable people you could ever find. People with an axe to grind. People who hate liberals. What we need is protection from homeland security. I'm not anymore comfortable with this than I was when it was under the Bush regime. We've been abused enough by the CIA all our lives and now you have another method to abuse us further.


The question is the same question posed back in 1947 at the creation of the CIA. Who polices the "intelligence?"


Sharing information and working together to solve problems and help in an emergency are all good ideas. But I'm opposed to having another bully on the block. So in the spirit of transparency, open to the public, we now have 16 intelligence providing entities, and no protection from them when they abuse their power. And there will always be abuse of power it is a given.


We don't need homeland security. We need protection from it. Same goes for the CIA. We don't need it. If you couldn't prevent a terror attack with 15 intelligence providing entities, I seriously doubt adding one more entity will help. I've lost all confidence in intelligence. It seems to work for the power elite bankers and conglomerates and corporations, but not so much for the people. If you can find a way to change that, then I will develop confidence. But right now, the way I see it, you are all being fed a bunch of false crap. Please stop buying it. And fire the psychos.



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