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Provide Top 3 Strategic Goal Metrics for all DHS Components

Provide a one stop shopping information portal to the public that lists data and metrics related to the Top 3 Strategic Goals for each and every DHS Component. Quarterly would be reasonable I suppose. If a component's goal was 10 annually, and 1st qrtr was 3, second qrtr was still 3, that component would not be pleased to post that performance. That's accountability. The goals should be of public interest. Sharing meaningless data for the sake of sharing seems pointless and wasteful.

The public wants to know how DHS is performing and what are the goals. For Coast Guard, how many lives were saved this year (= CG saves lives). For TSA, how many security screenings nabbed bad guys (= TSA screens bad guys). etc., ect.

Allow the public to post moderated comments related to the component performance goals. Feedback must be two-way to be useful/effective. I'm not sure the average American even knows how many components make up DHS and what they are all tasked to do. How can they even begin to think about accountability?

A single performance portal (name it something better than that) would better frame DHS for the public. No current websites or blogs represent the Department in a simplistic way. Could even have all of the seals from each component in that one website. I've never seen that.


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    Jarrett Wold

    I think having the ability to post feedback for a particular TSA location, and being able to share comments, sans personally identifying details would be handy not only to the local FSD, but also to regional and national management.

  2. Comment

    Could not agree more with this comment. absolutely serves this purpose and is well-populated with data from many government agencies. Unfortunately, DHS only has a handful of datasets available to the public, all of which relate to FEMA, one of more than 20 components within the Department. The data exists, it's just a matter of 1) putting it in a format that is relevant, usable and easy to interpret and 2) convincing government-types that making information public established accountability that ultimately improves performance.

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    Customs and Border Protection has something like this already. The posted "On a Typical Day in 2009" allowing the public a look at what agents do in the performance of their duties to protect the country. How much money was seized, illegal immigrants stopped, drugs stopped, weapons stopped, etc. This type of accountability allows the public to see what the agents are doing to protect and secure our borders. I agree that a quarterly report would be an excellent idea. This would allow us to see a timeline of progress and help to keep agencies such as DHS on top of it's game. That is protecting the American Public.

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