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Public School Curriculum Situational Awareness & Preparedness

Has anyone ever considered attempting to integrate general situational awareness strategies and personal preparedness as part of the school curriculum from grade school on through high school?

Kids love this stuff, but it is not taught in school unless it is about drugs, alcohol, sex, and don't talk to strangers. Very few if any schools work to create situational awareness and personal preparedness in students. You can bet kids would take it home and engage or attempt to engage parents in it as well.

Just a thought. If these skills were integrated as part of the education curriculum think of how much more prepared the nations people may be even 2-5 years from now.

It's time we start thinking outside of the box regarding how to engage the public in preparedness.


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    Bonnie Schaaf

    Contact your school board, then suggest that they contact the local Emergency Management Director. There are also Severe Weather week classes held to the public and schools.

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    I think that this is an EXCELLENT IDEA. We DO NEED TO HAVE THIS IMPORTANT TOPIC TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS. Since most children are in public schools, this will better prepare them for a possible disaster. Alot of homes are broken and parents don't always teach their children various types of important lessons. This would enable all or most children to be better equipped, prepared and able to even have some assistance the helping someone around them.

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    mooregl ( Idea Submitter )

    After posting my comment I recieved information regarding FEMA's STEP program, which is just now being piloted in one region and considered for others.

    Info here:

    The program is targeted at 4th & 5th graders regarding personal preparedness. We need to get this in all schools.

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    I agree 100%. Especially after 9/11/01 and the growing threat to America of terrorist attacks! I've heard it said that the question is not will we have additional terrorist attacks, but is the question of when it will happen.

    Also it's said that everyday that we are not attacked it's just one day closer to when we will be attacked.

    I teach my sons to be aware and what to do. However one son got in trouble at his school for sharing what to do with his best friend.

    Wow, it's sad at the disregard for our country, families and friends etc.We all need to quit being so lax and prepare our borders land, waterways and air and if we do not teach our children we are putting them at risk.

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