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Dear Director Napolitano:

Please help us!!! We have a disturbing issue happening here in Montana. Three years ago TSA sent personnel to our airports promoting the SPP Program. Why would TSA promote a program that would cause their own loyal trained employees to become unemployed???

The studies we have researched have shown the SPP Program to cost more to the taxpayer and cause us to lose our federal job status. Several companies in our area have closed and left their workers unemployed. Our local economy needs us employed, paying taxes and spending money.

It’s one thing for an airport to request to opt out due to unusual circumstances, but for TSA to pay personnel to travel around the country to convince Airport Directors that it is to their advantage to go with private security firms that will have to be focused on making a profit to stay in business, instead of the sole purpose of the security of our flying public is ludicrous. Your own TSA web site for employment states: “TSA is looking for dedicated individuals to join our team to help us accomplish our mission and those who are interested in:

Stability of a Government Job”

I understand that Congress passed the ATSA Law for airports to opt out, but TSA has not established requirements that must be met for an airport to request privatization. For example, our airport director, Cindi Martin, threatened the screeners here at GPI because she doesn’t like TSA and has opted to go private after TSA sent personnel here for the SPP Program. She stated in the meantime she wants all TSA screeners at GPI replaced with NDO’S. Even though the screeners at GPI consistently have the top scores on their testing for the state.

We are desperate for your help. Please look into the full repercussions of this situation. Thank you for your consideration into this matter.


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    If Ms Martin, the airport director for Glacier Park International , attempted to replace all present TSA employees, how can you expect those employees to have faith that they will be re-hired with a private screening company when she stated in the Daily Interlake that it is not guaranteed that all will have jobs. Afterall I assume she will no doubt have as much input as possible with regard to whom be rehired with the new company. These are top performing screeners from what I have read so this makes no sense. I feel the present employees have every right to be concerned about their jobs. I am tired of seeing hard working Montanans lose jobs, hours and benefits, it needs to stop. Please think again about allowing this airport to go private.

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