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I wholly agree with Susan Stricker and many other people. I believe that the SPP PROGRAM SHOULD BE STOPPED ALTOGETHER. The DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY AND TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION work in UNISON to FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM..and to PROTECT OUR MODE'S OF TRANSPORTATION abroad. With that, I believe that the American people have come to recognize us as ONE TEAM- FIGHTING TOGETHER FOR ONE CAUSE. If this "unison" is broken by some airports becoming privatized and some remaining Federal, I feel that the traveling public will begin to view the "private sector" with LESS of a COMMAND PRESENCE than they were previously considered when federalized. When that happens, our NATIONAL FIGHT AGAINST TERRORISM WILL BE BROKEN. While some of the traveling public complains about the security at our airports, I believe that the MAJORITY of them place alot of VALUE in our attempts to keep them safe, and WOULD STAND WITH US.

In addition to this reason, I believe that it UNNECESSARILY effects MANY, MANY families. At GPI in MONTANA, There may be less DHS/TSA employees than other larger airports, but the NEGATIVE EFFECTS of the airport going private will DESTROY much more than just the Federal employees. It will effect the local economy, (that's already hurting), each employee's family. Many of them will have to re-locate, most, to another state entirely. This will mean their spouse would have to give up their job, children would be taken out of schools, selling their homes (in a bad economy). The LOSS OF BENEFITS and trying to FIND THE ADDED MONEY NEEDED TO MAKE THE MOVE. The great amount of STRESS for the marriage's, children in addition to the ADDED STRESS for trying to find a place to locate to and get settled in quickly. PLEASE, PLEASE - FOR THE SAKE OF FIGHTING TERRORISM, THE WELL TRAINED AND HARD WORKING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES AND FOR OUR COMMUNITIES - PLEASE STOP THE SPP PROGRAM FROM CONTINUING FORWARD IN MONTANA. THANK YOU FOR WORKING WITH US TO STAND UNITED!!!



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