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Streamline & Modernize EMI/Training Follow-Up

Problem: Too much money spent on follow-up to EMI, fireacademy training and other training.

Examples: After a course, we are mailed an evaluation form. Postage and paper going to my house, postage and paper going back to EMI costs money. Then I receive a color certificate in the mail. Large size enevelope postage and color high stock paper costs money to send to me.


Solution: Send an email to students after the course is ended, with a link to an on-line evaluation. Once the trainee responds you get your black and white electronic certificate that you can save to you computer and print on regular paper when you need to.


Result: Save costs by eliminating postage, paper costs and color ink costs...whether you save labor costs is not my baliwick. PLUS you get more feedback because you only get the certificate after you respond to evaluation. You still get credit for course obviously but if you want certificate you have to respond to the evaluation email.


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