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TSA and privitazation

Dear Madam Napalitano;

I would like someone to put an end to this SPP program. At GPI in Montana and three other airports have filed to go private. This affects over 100 TSA employees. The TSA employees have been wating for a decision now for over one YEAR. We have already lost people with many years of experience because of this. The possibility of loosing our Fedrqal jobs creates much added stress. It is true that if we go private they have to give TSA employees a job. However, there are no garentees of hours or benifits. All TSA jobs were also threatened by the Airport Director. Cindy Martin, she said she "wanted all of the screaners replaced with NDO's". In closing I would ask you to stop this SPP program (that also costs more)and keep our Federal jobs.

Thank you for your concern

David Baltz



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