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Transparency In DHS Really A Good Idea?

Other than with the TSA at the airport I do not interface with the DHS on a regular basis. That said, I find the talk about increased access and transparency at the DHS amusing and scary. Some things need to remain secret, yes? The CIA and the Navy don't have transparency initiatives at this time do they? As for folks working closely with the DHS, I'm sure they are as difficult to work with as all the other Federal agencies and you have my sympathies. But let's keep in mind that there will also be another group of people interested in DHS policies and procedures and whatever else gets put in the 'transparency' initiative. And they don't like us very much. Call me old fashioned but maybe we could start this transparency thing at the Department of Education, or the Department of Health and Human Services? I'd love to know where all of the Social Security Trust Fund is, wouldn't you? Let's see how it works with those agencies before we unlock the door on national security.



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