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Although i posted this under Working Together ... it also relates to transparency in how DHS dollars are spent across the nation. Not just grant dollars, but contracts, MOUs, cost reimbursements and in-kind resource exchanges.

DHS should identify all its MOU's, contracts, cost reimbursements, in-kind resource exchanges and grants that do not compromise national security so that American citizens in all sectors can understand how they can partner--civically, in-kind and financially--with DHS in their local communities. This is especially true in the FEMA area, but applies department-wide.


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    Again, as a result of your post on the new open homeland security website, I would like to comment, your post has described a long standing, 30 year weakness within EOC's. However, we have done the "Yeoman's work" in offering a solution, beginning at the local level in a "bottom up" scalable approach that allows the integration and collaboration of public, private, and NGO's resources and credentialed people in a pre-planned enterprise.

    I provide the below excerts from the first responders community's "one stop - shopping mall" at

    TractorFax – the “Google™” for public-private emergency operations.

    Collaborative Preparedness and Unity in Effort are the real brilliance, genius, and beauty behind NIMS. Since an effective response begins at the local level, those responsible must have the ability to inventory, control, preplan, and share its resources and credentialed people across jurisdictional boundaries and disciplines in supporting local and large scale disasters.

    The Breakthrough -TractorFax is the first ITIQ all in one day to day business system within systems designed (and based on direct “hands on” involvement of Emergency Managers) to be affordable in allowing local, state, and regional jurisdictions to collaboratively inventory, control, preplan, and share their public, private, and NGO resources and credentialed people across jurisdictional boundaries and disciplines-in real time; specific to Heavy Equipment and Agricultural Equipment resources (agro-terrorism issues); FEMA NIMS STEP evaluated and found to be compliant with the NIMS (National Incident Management System) resource typing standards; without improvising or compromising the real brilliance, genius, and beauty underlying the essentials behind NIMS.

    TractorFax – the underlying and essential EOC solution, addressing the issues.

    The full link is:

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