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Visa Stamp option should be available in USA

To avoid lots of confustion and to full fill one commitment without fail Visa stamp option should be available in USA.

I am sharing my personal feeling online now with lots of trust on DHS

I also stuck in my home country after admin process and now visa denial after 6 months. I lived in states for more than 3 years and was working for same company. I have my apartment, household items, car and what not. I was paying rent since 5 months with hope to get visa. It became night mare to come in my home country. My question is I was fine if I was there why I am suffering lot at shake of stamping. This process should be finish at USCIS at the time of petition approval only. Else they should have given visa with some security so one can collect his stuff. One more think I would like to share my personal thing my son born there, he is having hole in his heart and his surgery was scheduled .we came in my home country with intention to meet family people. Now we stuck so it’s not only H1 but my citizenship son is suffering without proper treatment and my wife is under treatment of other doctor. I don’t know what to share now…

Any DHS authority please helps people who stuck if you can. I think we are genuine people ready to give any documents you want to prove our shelves. We are really looking forward through this forum.


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    Community Member

    This is a great idea. This clears lot of confusion and uncertainty. I hope DOS considers this.

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    This is a great idea. IT is nice to have stamping done here - so when we visit back the home country you are not in tense of getting stamping done. Also many years we dont go also as stamping is nightmare as many times they ask the papers we dont understand or companies dont give easily. So they loose that money also - I used to get stamping done on every renewal but I have not gone for many years due to the issue and waiting for visa date to open for EAD atleast so dont get stuck outside with leaving house and all other stuff here.

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    Community Member

    I agree too. It sucks when you can't come back to sell your stuff and have to beg your friends to do that.

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