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eAPIS availability/Remote areas

As it stands now, eAPIS must be used via the internet. This creates substantial problems for remote operators, such as seaplanes in remote lakes of Canada. Internet service is simply not available. Although CBP did make some changes to the rule-making, the simple fact remains that weather cannot be relied upon to allow a timely departure in these locations, thus potentially voiding an eAPIS general aviation manifest.


I submit that creating an automated telephone system that could be raised by aeronautical radio system such as Canadian Flight service to revise a departure date/time will serve both Customs and remote operators. A telephonic entry/revision system could be keyed into internet/web based eAPIS and with the appropriate password/entry information, allow an operator to timely revise and extend an inward declaration consistent with safe departures. As you are aware, seaplanes do not have the capability to land at land airports to access internet service for customs eAPIS. By developing a telephone "workstation" that relies on the eAPIS much as credit card companies use for their financial systems, we could save both CBP and taxpayers money, time and resources.



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