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experianced veterans purposely left out

I am a former Military Police Investigator. I served in the US Army from 1976-1981. For obvious reasons I cant divulge some of my assignments, but I can Say that not inly was I on security forces that Guarded Presidents Carter and Reagan during thier respective visits, but other well known foreign Diplomats during that Era. When my country was attacked by terrorists in 2001 and Homeland Security positions became available in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. I applied for numerous positions, entry level and management. I recieved an opportunity to apply for a supervisor. Lets make one thing clear. I am highly intelligent. Read, write and speak Spanish fluently. Speak Korean as well. Most importantly I Love America. But to be told by civilians that could'nt understand what I've been through as a soldier, that I dont qualify for a job that I was trained for by the United States of America is an insult to the intelligence of all veterans.Not only was I told that I did'nt qualify, I was not allowed to know why. I was led out a side door and on to the street like cattle at an auction. What must we do to be recognized and respected in America.



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