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vsc uscis i-130 case delay for more than a year

I am a U.S Citizen, and file I-130 petion on behalf of my wife as immediate

relative to U.S Citizen on Dec. 10, 2008 in VSC.

my application is still pending and show statues in initial Reviews, and every time I called customer service with in USCIS, WAS told to wait 6 mos, and we contact you, which they did not, after six mos called againe and was told same thing wait 6 mos.

I do not know how many 6 months do I have to wait befor thier Decisions.

my wife is Frustrating in another country and waiting to joint me in UNITED STATE, and I am in united state and WAITING to start my life with my wife.

the USCIS Progress is reall slow and thier respond is not clear and information from them cause disapointment.

we are Proud that we are in a country that humanity is reall important, and if unification of a Married Couple is Humanitarian point.

and why USCIS do not care for this frustrations, and why did I had to wait for almost a year and half and still do not know when, and do not have any answer for my wife which is reall disappointed and emotionally distressed.

so please help.



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