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Little Brother should be required reading to DHS employees

Cory Doctorow's novel Little Brother explains the dangers of trading civil liberties for security. The book also explains the differences between effective security and security rituals (things we do to appear that there is security). The book also contains knowledge about how the public responds to oppressive-like authority (even if it doesn't mean to be). Understanding someone is a matter of perspective. Homeland Security should understand what it's like to be an American high school boy trying to get by in a world that struggles with how to be safe from terrorists.


It's important that the good folks in the DHS understand how the public feels so that they can create solutions to the security problem that are compatible with our way of life. My father has recently retired from DHS. I'm giving him my personal copy of this book.


Budget for implementing this solution isn't a problem. Little Brother can be acquired for free (for non-commercial purposes):


Of course, DHS should support the author by buying copies of the book. However it is possible to give the employees the above link, and later, ask them to think about if their work has policies in place that safeguards the public from the problems described in the book.




Lancer Kind

A big fan of Little Brother and admirer of the author.



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